Child Custody in Nigeria

There seems to be a presumption that all child custody matters in Nigeria will be decided in favor of the father. While it is true that under some customary law systems the father is privileged in custody matters this is not uniform or universal and does not apply to any statutory marriage under the Matrimonial Cause Act.

Under Sharia law custody is usually granted the mother; under Yoruba customary law, mothers are granted custody of female children and fathers of male children. In Igbo customary law custody is of weaned children is usually given to the father. Mind you Nigeria has numerous ethnic groups and customary laws vary broadly.

For a marriage to be subject to customary law the ceremonies for consecrating marriage under that particular system of customary law must have been complied with and the bride price must have been paid. If these conditions have not been met any custody of any children of the relationship will be automatically awarded to the mother and or her father.

A statutory marriage that comes under the jurisdiction of the Matrimonial Causes Act must be celebrated before a licensed marriage officer outside Nigeria or registrar of marriages within Nigeria between a man and woman that are previously single. Many foreign women have been manipulated with threats that they would lose custody and be deported forcibly.

Section 71 of the Matrimonial Causes Act is very clear that custody should be decided based on the child’s best interest. Case law has upheld this principle but mothers that want custody are held to very strict proof that they can maintain the children without regard to the courts powers to grant maintenance orders.

Mothers that have come to me for representation frequently describe the arduous proof they are made to provide that they have a personal residence, job and income before they are given custody. While it seems logical and fair that mothers are encouraged to have a job, child maintenance is supposed to provide the necessary financial support that she may lack to take care of her child or children. 

If it’s in the best interest of the family that the spouses separate or divorce such as in cases involving domestic violence the spouse granted custody should receive maintenance and support from the other. Both parents should be and should remain financially responsible for their offspring.

However if either spouse was by mutual agreement or otherwise the primary care giver and did not work outside the home during cohabitation and is given custody in a divorce it would be questionable whether requiring that spouse to now work would serve the interest of the children.

Father’s that are asking for custody of children during divorce proceedings are equally required to prove that they can personally provide attention, care and nurture in addition to material needs and that they are fit to have custody.

Will the court automatically grant custody to a father that is also a violent drug addict and regularly disappears for months at a time?  No. Will the court grant custody to an abusive man that believes his wife is a witch and takes his children for strange midnight rituals and exorcisms? No.

Likewise the court will not automatically grant custody to a mother if she is a drug addict or a dangerously delusional religious zealot. Case law shows the child interests being paramount. Custody hearings are getting more sophisticated and judges are asking insightful questions about the best interest of a child in any given circumstance.

Generally custody of very young children is awarded to the mother. There is also a preference for awarding custody of male children to the father and female children to the mother but again this is not a hard and fast rule and circumstances of each case determine the best interest of the child/children.

Evidence of misconduct and moral depravity could however tip the courts judgment against the offending party when awarding custody. The case law needs to be carefully reviewed to determine what the courts consider moral depravity of sufficient seriousness to otherwise deprive a parent of custody.

The Child’s Rights Act of 2003 makes provisions for protecting children during a divorce but child custody law remains a product of Nigeria’s marriage laws and it remains to be seen how the CRA will be read and enforced.

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226 Responses to “Child Custody in Nigeria”

  1. olu alao Says:

    i have a 6yr old daughter in nigeria and not married to her mother. we were separated 6months after my daughter’s birth. ever since, i have been supporting my child and paying school fees but the mother never allow my daughter a visit or sleep over in my house. although, i live in u.k but my mother often go to visit my child and anytime am around, the mother of my child and her own mother always give stories and tell me i have to sign an agreement before i can take my daughter for a visit or sleepover in my house. my argument now is that, my child’s mother has moved on, got married with 2 children but left my daughter with her own mother (granny). i now wonder, how come it is ok for her to leave my child with her mum but my child is not allowed to go near my own mum. please, can you advice me how to get custody of my child as the environment is not good enough for her upbringing.

    • mz_agams Says:

      To get custody file in the High Court under the Child’s Rights Act if its been domiciled in the state where your daughter resides. Custody is not usually awarded to grand parents.

  2. Tutu Says:

    My niece is 14, she lives with my parents since age 3 after loosing both parents. Her fathers parents don’t come to check on her or support her welfare. They live in northern nigeria while my parents are in the south. We only know one of them and cannot even easily trace them. We are yoruba and her father is hausa(yola). My father called me today to tell me he is planning to change her surname from her father’s name to his, for whatever reason, I totally disagreed with him and told him its not proper. Can you please help shed more light on this. Many thanks!

  3. olu alao Says:

    thanks a million

  4. valerie Says:

    Please help!I have been married for 7years with 3kids age 6,4and husband wants a divorce,do I stand a chance of having custody of my kids?as I believe they are too young without a mother’s care.thanks

  5. Olusola Says:

    Under Nigeria law, did the father not have right to take custody of the child since the child is bearing his name, at all?

  6. ITUNU Says:


    • mz_agams Says:

      If you read my post I believe it answers your questions. You may also like to read ‘What You Need To Do Before Getting A Divorce in Nigeria’ to help your chances of getting custody

  7. Nwachi Says:

    Please I live in the US and already got divorced from my husband at a customary court in Nigeria. The court awarded me full legal custody of my three childen. Now my ex is seeking for parenting time in the US and my US attorney wants me to find out how custody works in Nigeria. When one parent has full legal custody, does is there still room for joint custody or parenting time whereby the other parent can sue for parenting time or does he get only visitation time with the children whereby he visits them where they live? In the US, there are different options. Please help, we are going to court in a few days.

    • mz_agams Says:

      I’m not familiar with ‘parenting time’, its not known to Nigeria law.

      If a parent wants to challenge or appeal a custody decision in Nigeria he/she would need to prove that the circumstances on which that decision was made have changed. The court must have considered it NOT in the best interest of the children for him to have custody. Why?

      Joint custody where both parent take decisions about children, physical custody where children live with one parent but and maybe other parent takes major decisions, full legal custody in Nigerian law means you and you alone can take decisions on children’s welfare. He would only have visitation if its part of the court judgement not automatically.

  8. Temi Says:

    How can i get in touch with you. i want a one on one discussion with you and be your client

  9. adeyemo Says:

    I have a 1 year old plus daughter bearing my name but whom I had discovered is not mine by paternity test. I am looking at seeking for a surname change for the child, along with been absolved of all responsibilities/parental care in the divorce process starting soon. Kindly advice on the legal implications of changing or not changing the name. 2. Also if I decide not to disclaim, what are the present and future legal implications as a father ? The biological father is refusing to come forward and claim the child.

  10. yinkan ajayi Says:

    please i would like to know if there can be child custody without a divorce?

  11. Denny Says:

    I have a 14yr old son and a 9yr old daughter from a woman to whom i was never married. I have been the sole custodian and provider of these children for the past 8yrs while the mother is married with children to another man.i need a court order stating that i have FULL custodial rights to the children with a note that the children were heard in court. How do i go about this considering fact i dont know location of their mother.

  12. gift Says:

    Ive been married for 11months and we have a 7 months old son.i understand that we cant be divorced now as our marriage is still young but I have decided we should be separated.the problem is that my husband wants to keep our baby whom im still breastfeeding.we have fought over this but he wont let me leave with my son.i dont have a job but I have a very supportive family and so taking care of my child wont be a problem until I can stand on my feet again.on the other hand,my husband is an alcoholic and also smokes weed.he is also a very careless person.he could get high on alcohol or weed and something bad might happen to my child.he also doesnt see any problem in smoking around my child which we always fight about.I know he doesnt really care about our child but he is fighting for custody just to make me stay with him.please is it possible to get a court order or anything legal to enable me keep my infant son until we can get a divorce?would really appreciate your response.thanks.

    • mz_agams Says:

      Go to the social welfare office in your state city and make a report about his drug use before you leave for your parents house. he is a danger to you your child and to himself. He can’t take your child from you with out a court order himself and you are allowed to visit and stay with your parents if you so wish

      • ibekwe emeka Says:

        Dear madam,

          Good evening, pls i have gone to welfare to sign that i will be bringing money and take care of my children expenses, but my wife dont want me to set my eyes on my child or let me to know the school which they are going, pls what can i do, because i have vowed not to bring kobo when the date they ask me to bring money reach.

        Thanks Emeka


  13. Mary Says:

    My name is Mary and I have a 10 year old son. I was married to the boys’ father in the USA (Church Wedding) and immediately after the wedding moved to the UK to live with my ex-husband.
    I filed for divorce in the USA and have sole legal and physical custody while he filed for divorce in the UK. I want to travel back to Nigeria to visit family but I am afraid that he may try to retain my son or cause any other type of trouble while I am there. There was no dowry paid and no traditional wedding performed. Although he is on the birth certificate and the child was born in the UK.

    Does he have the right to retain me at the airport and assume custody of my son (assuming he has a UK order)?

    Furthermore, would Nigerian law allow him to forcibly retain my child in Nigeria until the age of 21?

    Humbly awaiting your reply,

  14. Richard Olatunji Says:

    Hi, I have two daughters from a relationship that did not work out due to interference. The children bore my surname until they were changed from their previous school by the lady’s parent about 11 years ago.

    The children are now in their teens and I want to know the possibility of changing their names back to mine. What are the chances and legal implications of doing such.

    Their mum and I were never married in any way. Pls kindly advise me, as the matter is eating me raw. It’s my name on their birth certificate.

    Please treat as very urgent.

    Thank you.

    • mz_agams Says:

      As a father you still have certain statutory right even though you may not be entitled under tribal laws. However, I’m not sure if you can force them to answer your name IF THE CHILDREN DON’T WANT TO.

      I hope you have had a good relationship with your children over the years and suggest you leave them to decide since they are teenagers already.

  15. ABIMBOLA Says:

    Dear sir/ma. Thanks so much for your helps.
    Please I did court and traditional married 2012. It was after my child birth I discovered I married a wrong ma. He was 38 when I was 29years. He told me he was a university staff, he had his master’s degree. But I later discovered he did not go to university at all. He lives in Ibadan and I was working in Lagos before we got married. he has never contributed anything after the wedding that I got pregnant. He has not been supported with anything till I gave birth. It was after I gave birth that I had 3 months maternity I got to know he is an illiterate n a night guard. The he can sleep with anything. But he abandoned me in pregnancy. But later when I started having threats from his girl friends who never knew he was married staying she would shower me and my baby with acid when my baby was a month. I had to run away with my a month old baby my baby is 9months old now. Nobody from his father’s family ever sent a text a called to ask of him. Have been his mother and father, and using my own name as his surname. Pls what can I do get the custody of my child till my child is mature and decide on his own, I know its too early from me to divorce now bcos its not up to 2 years. Pls help I don’t deserve this.

  16. Goke Olanrewaju Says:

    Good day Madam! I have a 4year old son from a woman I never got married to. She disappeared when she was two months pregnant only to return when the child was 3years old. Ever since I came in contact with the child, I have been paying attention to the child as a father in terms of care, nurture and materials. Now, the child is 4years old and I want to raise him by myself because I don’t have faith in the mother giving him the best upbringing that he deserves. I want you to help me with the best possible advise on how to go about this in court. The mother is married to another man but no longer living with the man. She’s violent and I don’t want anything whatsoever to do with her again. She is trying to use the child to put my relationship in jeopardy by making hell out of my life. I am really tired of this and want to end it once and for all. she’s saying she does not want another woman to raise her child. I don’t how that is her business. How do I solve this issue with this trickish woman, please.? My name is Goke.

    • mz_agams Says:

      Go to the social welfare office in your state of residence. You can also see a lawyer to file a custody suit for you as the father and present the details to the court to decide the best interest of the child

  17. JOY Says:

    PLS advise me.i had MY 13 yrs old son witout bride price or anything to b done with money wit his father.and over 10YRS now d child is with his paternal his grandma refuses to release d child to me.

  18. Tunrayo Says:

    Hello ma,need your advice.i’m a mother of 3 girls,11,8 and 4 yrs of age but my husband fraudulently took my kids away from me.we got married in surulere local govt in 2002 but all my kids are born in spain.he brought them to Nigeria with the intention of coming for holiday since 2010/11 and later on seize their document thereby retaining them in Nigeria and he himself living there too.since then I do come home to see my kids each yr and last year he now told me he’s no longer interested in d marriage and not allowing me access to my kids.the problem is that the children are all not living with him but with his mum in epe and deny my family access to d kids.when I was in Nigeria last year I had to go take my kids n my dad lawyer had to interfere that I should take them back cos im not presently living in the country,that the best is to relocate back home for me to have custody to my kids which im prepared to do.he and his mother has even gone to the extent of taking my kids to herbalist to give them concoction drink to hate me.and now my first daughter who is eleven is so afraid of them that said even if they ask her in court if she want to go with me she will say no cos she does not want them to kill her but inside cry out to me to take them away from there.i’m determined to come back to the country this year to be with my I stand a chance of getting my daughters custody.

  19. zizi Says:

    I’m a 32yrs old woman working in a govt organization in abuja. I have a case that is on going right now over my 4yrs old son that was forcefully taken away from me by his father since August last year. He has insisted that he wants custody of the child despite all efforts made by the welfare asking him to bring the child back. Presently my son is not in abuja, he took him away to live with his aged mother in one of the southern states. My son is always crying n asking when I’m coming to take him back to abuja whenever I speak with him on phone. Pls I desperately need your help.

  20. nkiru Says:

    i have being married for 3yrs with so much abuses that i almost lose my 6wks pregnancy bt i survived it thank God, he continue with the beating untill d last time he use hot iron on me i escape to the toilet after which i decide to quite bl4 i lose my life as i was living he cease all my things and that of my kids 3 and 1+ from church i was advice to go home to parent which i did since then has nt ask after the kids and their up keep, they call off the stick i wnt bk to the town to write my exams since am undergraduate, he find out and demanded for his dowry and he is demanding the custody of the kids after 8months of nt coming to my house nor take care of them. i learnt hw to bake and out door decorations which some of my friend help me to get job, i use the money to fund my partime program and kids sch and welfare bt am secared of losing my kids to blcos he has money and family is poor and cannot challenge him. pls advice me blcos i dont wnt lose my kids to him.

  21. blessing ogbu Says:

    I have 3 kids but was never married to their father, for almost 10 yes we had a working relationship and I begged him to formalize it but last year I decided I was tired of waiting he works in sokoto as a law enforcement officer and only comes to see the kids once or twice a year they have been with me since they were born except for the eldest who spent a little time with his dad in d earlier year the rest have never spent 4 months. Cumulatively with him under the same roof I have raised them hands on myself they are 9 ,6 and 4 respectively I started dating again early last year and though I am in a relationship am not in a hurry for marriage any more the man am seeing sees my kids once a week at least and is d only present male role model they have I want my kids to grow up first
    I have a thriving business and get a little support from their dad but I would be fine on my own I pay their fees and he pays me back half of it instulmentally he provides for healthcare via nhis for them
    I do not want to restrict their interactions with their father I hope they can enjoy the best of both worlds even though am done with the relationship but he is threatening to take them away from me what chances do I have to keep them

  22. qamar Says:

    please help me out i have a years old son with a woman in nigeria..i am also a nigerian..but live in germany now..i use to pay her 40kmonthly but early this year i told her i lost my job and i can only be giving her when i sent the house rent to her she did not pay the house rent..she parked all what belongs to both of us and return to her fathers i want her to let me have my son up here so he can get good education.she said no..she said she belongs to human right group..i dont want my son to suffer and i dont want to send my money to her..cus i know she will use it for something else

    • mz_agams Says:

      If you don’t want your son to ‘suffer’ you will have to send the mother money. Or you could try your luck in the court and ask for custody. If you get a good lawyer you could succeed

  23. Emmanuel Ogbeh Says:

    I have a year old daugther with a woman i never got married to,we leave together ever since she put to birth,the child bears my name but the mother dont want us to get married,she pack all her belongies from my house to her parent house and still living under my roof,i want to have the custody of my child,what do i do please reply is urgent

  24. Jackson Says:

    I have a nine years hold with a woman who is now married to another man, I was responsible for his school fees but stopped when they change him from his previous school to a new school without my knowledge but still I never denied him of wears in all the past festive periods. His mother has already started poisoning his mind towards me and even denied him visit to my house even as we are in the same city during holidays. What do I do

  25. Grace Says:

    I have a 15month son but am not married to his father who happens to be separated from his wife and has a restraining order from the courts from seeing his 3 children. I however did not have all the details of his family life when dating him as he made me believe he was very single. When I told him I was pregnant, he first response was that I should have an abortion which I bluntly refused to do. When he saw that I was not burging he gave up and was supportive and even rented and furnished an apartment for me but as soon as the baby came he withdrew cmpletely and whenever I ask for support his initial response was that, I wanted the child so I should take care of him. Now he is trying to take my son from me: whenever I ask for support which I rearly do, 1st he asked me to take the child to his mother and elder sister in his village(which I’ve never being to) besides his mother has partial stroke and his sister though married with 4 kids can barely hold it together financially. Two days ago, the child needed urgent medical attention and after using all the money I had, decided to ask him for support, he said I should send the child to him. Meanwhile, he has seen the child only 3 times from when he was born till now that he is 1yr 3months old. Pls advise me, what chances do I have not only to keep my son but to receive up keep for the child.

  26. tata Says:

    I have an 11 month old baby, i’m currently separated from d dad due to domestic violence.. now his parents say dey will come and collect the child when she is one, how can I prevent this legally

  27. mary Says:

    hi, my brother have a year old girl with his girlfriend, but things re not working out, she have a 6 years old boy with another man, his girlfriend is not a good role model to the kids, she lock them at home and go out, she bring in men to have sex with her in front of the kids, the 6 yrs old boy sometimes claim his sister which i can’t mention, when we try to correct him, he says that,that is what his mum do with her friend, she doesn’t have money to take care of the child, the little girl have been with my mum for 5 months and my mum and dad with my brother have been taking care of the child. they never stop her from seeing the child but now she want to take them to court for the child to live with her and her boy in one room. according to what i’m hearing about the law in Nigeria, the court will give the child to her mother because she’s a year old. now what about the well being of the child,.the safety, abuse,up bringing,education e.t.c what will the child grow up to be in the society all in the name of law. i believe the law suppose to protect kids from such parent, please what can we do to save my little girl.

  28. zizi Says:

    Dear Agamz. My son was forcely taken from me since last year from abuja to western nigeria. I spent so much time at d abuja child welfare office, and even with the police but unfortunately my son’s father could not be compelled to bring back the child. Even the family court at the magistrate court level couldn’t help matter until he challenged the jurisdiction of the court. Now my case is in the high court and have been heard once. But the was told the case has to go to a family court. Its been over two months now since we went to court. Pls I will want to know if it’s only family court that can handle child custody cases. I’m really not happy at the slow pace at which authorities that should be concerned about children welfare and rights handle such cases in Nigeria.

  29. Ahmed shafi'u Aminu Says:

    can u tell me the legal and juristic opinions on how six children could be collected from the custody of mother to be given to their father or the conditions?

  30. James Says:

    I have a 6yr old 6 old daughter from a woman to whom i was never married. I have been taking care of her and my baby since she was 1 week pregnant , but because i did not marry the mother of my baby she dont want me to see my daughter and she always insult me and my family any place she sees us. please i live in Abuja, what will i do to take custody of my daughter ?

  31. ayyshaah Says:

    I have 4kids age 15,12,10 and 3. My husband devorced me and now he wants to take all my children. Am scared of his family because they uses charm on my husband so they can use his money as they want now he is totally out of his sense that he only beats the children as he wants and keeps telling them that he took his documents to his family even if he dies they have no share of his wealth. After all the abuse to wards children he want take my them, am scared to give him children so they won’t use charm on my children. Please help me

  32. onyi ekeh Says:

    please i have a son who is two years plus , the problem is that i was supposed to marry his father but he deceived me that he is divorced and i believed him but i found out recently that he has not divorced his wife, my problem is that he doesnt help with the child,s welfare , how do make him take care of my son, he stays in uk and i stay in abuja,

  33. Daniels destiny Says:

    Am 17yrs old,my dad left me and my mother when i was 3months old and since 11yrs now he has’nt sent any money for my up bringing,i stay in Nigeria,please how do i go about this?

  34. Daniels destiny Says:

    I dnt konw exactly where he is now,i have proofs to what am saying(he wedded my mum,i have their wedding pictures and some marriage documents),only what i want is for him to take his responsiblity as a father,why am taking action now is because its down on my mum now she cant handle it alone,even as i say now we hardly eat,my mum has nothing in her bank account,let him send money for my up bringing(feeding,education etc) thats all!

  35. Daniels destiny Says:

    This is his numbers +447754… and +120161… pls trace him with it,even i have not eaten this night.

  36. nancy Says:

    Good evening pls I need help…I amm a single mother of 28 and I have a 10 year old daughter who I’ve been taking care of all by myself without the father …..he disappeared the very moment I told him I think something was wrong with me and he was d first man I knew…..He got me a lot of drugs and disappeared d next day
    After 7 years he surfaced but he was already married with kids…After begging for pardon I forgave but he never cared for my child not even a cent has he ever spent…Now I am getting married to an American and we want my daughter to bear his name….How do we go about it …….need help please…..

    • mz_agams Says:

      Your new husband needs to adopt your daughter formally for her to bear his name. Write to me at if you want to know more

      • Tonia Says:

        I have a 4yrs old son, I am traditionally married to the father of my son but now we are no more together and we are getting a traditional divorce by January 3rd 2015 and he demands the custody of our son but I am scared he would take my son far away from my and cut me off his reach. What can I do to prevent such because I would love to visit and hear from my son very often. Plz I need the urgent reply.
        Thank you

  37. kelechi Says:

    Its about my son my wife is trying to take him away from me and I have loved this boy I have always been there for him provided for them I even married her traditionally and legally. I have loved this boy for years from the pregnancy days and till now even tho my wife is cheating on me yes I know but I still don’t want her to leave just because I want my son to grow up in my family I was a product of broken home and I don’t want such for my son but the mum left the house asking for divorce and custody of this boy whom she knows very well I have no one else in this would apart from. Pls I want the custody of my son I have always talking very good care of both of them even up till now since one month ago she left our house I still send money into her acct because she has no job but I want my son back in my house. I also sent you an email pls respond to me cos this is happening now.

  38. nonso Says:

    My wife just eloped with my children because I found out she was dating other men. Please I need a good lawyer that has interest in family law to help me out

  39. Debbie Says:

    Hi, my name is Debbie, I have a 10months old son out of wedlock for my boyfriend of over 10years. I was hopeful that the relationship was going to lead to marriage against all odds but the birth of my precious son is an eye opener. The father of my son has shown that he has no feelings for me again and i have decided to move on with my life so i told him to stop coming to my house and that any time he wants to see his son we can always meet at a nuetral place. Although, he has been responsible to the child financially. he has been going to the creche to see him and now he says he wants him for one or two hours weekend alone.I am suspecting that he’s planning to take my child away from me.

    what steps can i take to protect my son

  40. Wale Says:

    Am separated from my wife now for over 7 months. She unilaterally left the house claiming am not providing enough, took the kids to more expensive schools puts my 4yr old daughter betwixt us to present her demands, very rude and insulting. This has broken down our communication. Now she seeks to relocate overseas with my children. I have their travel documents, if she goes to court could such custody beyond Nigeria that will obstruct my visiting rights be granted to her? What can I do.

  41. Demola Says:

    Dear Lesley Agams,

    I and my wife both live in UK for over four years now, but my wife has refused to bring our only daughter to join despite the fact she wasted a return ticket paid for her and our daughter.

    Last year we divorced but the court could not decide on the child’s custody as they say its out of their jurisdiction, now our daughter’s visa has 18months left to expire out of a five year she was given and my father in-law refused to release the passport for renewal and for our daughter to even use it to travel.

    Now I am not happy can I apply for the custody because the grandfather kept telling everyone that his daughter wants the child with him, so he cant release the child, and that the mother has instructed him not to release the child. Despite the fact myself and his daughter are based in the UK.

    I need to renew the passport , my daughter need to travel

    WHAT SHOULD I DO? Please advice me.


    • mz_agams Says:

      You can challenge your wife and her father holding unlawful custody of your child. Sh ecannot give custody to her father, Custody has to be physical. You nay beed to visit Nigeria to make that determination since the UK courts lack jurisdiction. Speak to another lawyer in the UK and one in Nigeria too. You can write to me at

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  43. Oluwatoyin Says:

    I had a cousin in Nigeria before l resided in USA which I took care of him and her mother because his father believes he’s not the biological father ,l love to take his full custody and I don’t know how I can go about it.

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    Child Custody in Nigeria | MzAgams

  45. Nneka Anaga Says:

    can I get recent decided cases in Nigeria involving children? I need them urgently for my project.

  46. rita Says:

    please, can issues relating to maintenance and custody of children be instituted independently or can it be joined in a divorce proceeding.

  47. chi chi Says:

    Hi,I hav a son 4 d’s man out of wedlock we wee cool until wen my son was 2 months den I found out he got another lady pregnant n dt was wen our problems started n now I hate him so much n hated d fact dt h’s name is in my baby’s birth certificate n fears he wil com for my child pleases what re my chances of wining please.

  48. mary Says:

    Hi I have a son who is almost 2yrs old I got him out of wedlock wit his dad.his dad promised me marriage until I got pregnant than he started punishing me imotionally during my pregnancy he only took part of d responsibility my parents did d rest we had a lot of issues but I decided to swallow it all cos I wanted my son to grow wit his father until he worked out on us wen my son was three months old we didn’t receive any monetary support from him or heard from his family until my sons 1yr birthday wen he came to my house causing serious trouble asking us to bring out his son after that day till now we havent heard or gotten any support whatsoever from him parents are responsible for my son n he is well taken care off since I just finished my NYSC n still looking for a Question is he keeps threatening in d past he will come claim his son wen d time is right.can he do that?after not contribution whatsoever to his upkeep in d past

    • mz_agams Says:

      He is he child’s father but it depends on yur customary laws where you are from . Have you registered his birth? Is the fathers name on the birth certificate? Your father can also adopt the child to make it official

  49. Nneka Says:

    Hi, please does a mother automatically have custody of a child born out of wedlock? If the Father’s name is on the birth certificate, does it remove in any way the custodial right of the mother when making legal decision for the child especially if the Father has never and is not contesting the custody? Thank you

    • mz_agams Says:

      only the court can decide who of the parents should have custody, there is nothing automatic about it but they usually favour the mother if the child is young and she is capable to care fort he child

  50. bukola Says:

    hi, I have a daughter of 8yrs I got her out of wedlock wit her dad and he promised me marriage before he travelled out of Nigeria. He has travelled before she was born. I moved in with his mom when I was 4 mth to go. I started taking responsibility when she was 5mth old till now. I was asked to leave the house by my sister in law due to some issues during her first birthday though the child was taking from me then but I claimed her back . the father refuse to send any money but now he is back and he wants to claim the child from me.

    what shouid I do .

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