A Legal Loophole to Catch the Abia 5?

Came across an interesting tit bit while reviewing the Nigeria Film and Video Censors Boar Act 1993 for a totally different assignment.

Distribution of an unclassified video is an offence under S.56 of the Act. The video of the ABSU rape and its distribution falls within the interpretation.

While investigations into the participants of the gothic porno drama drag on wouldn’t it be possible to pick up the original ‘distributors’?

I read it was possible to trace the source code or IP or something really technical like that. Or has too much time elapsed?

We could put them away for 3 months and discourage the nasty trend of rape video. And it could lead to the culprits.

I’d really like to know the thoughts of my legal and technical colleagues.


What Do You Think?

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