Daily Writing Exercise for Women’s History Month: Telling My Own Herstory

I was still wondering what Lent meant to me when Women’s History month began and my sister Spectra reminded us that our personal stories are the history, the real herstory.

So for my writing exercise this month and Lenten period I’ve decided to tell my story my history, my herstory.

Its a good time for me to look back too. Pause a minute and see the big picture. I’m at mid life, going through a very dramatic and dynamic process, faced with huge decisions and life changing choices.

My objective is to plumb the past for insight into the present me and find some input for the future me. Hopefully someone reading will be inspired, enlightened or just entertained.

I’m organizing my stories into 4 parts, one for each week of March. First week I’ll explore my family history and me. Second week I’ll look at my experience of marriage, divorce and relationships.

In the third week I’ll consider my education and work experience. In the final week I’ll consider my personal experience with the socio-political in Nigeria.

My perspective is necessarily feminist and political. I’m looking specifically at how my feminist politics evolved and the women in my herstory and their influence.

Other than that I’ve no other focus or particular direction or structure for this exercise. It will be interesting to see where this takes me.


What Do You Think?

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