Writing maybe a talent but it sure is hard work

This whole Herstory Reflections is supposed to be a writing exercise among other things. An exercise to help me develop the habit of writing.

I enjoyed writing the first 2 posts. Then it got too personal. And I got uncomfortable. I struggled with the last post especially. I really didn’t ‘feel it’.

Learning to be a good writer for me involves digging for emotion. Sometimes you don’t want to dig. Sometimes you find stuff you wish you hadn’t dug up. Sometimes you dig up a gold nugget.

I’ll probably rewrite it.
I also questioned whether what I was writing was ‘self centered.’ Feels too much like narcissistic navel gazing sometimes but I’m just gonna keep on writing. One month of self reflection and self love. Lent.

Some folks felt it’s a legal blog and I should keep it such but I am so much more than a lawyer. I am also a writer and a social entrepreneur. I want that reflected in my blog too.

My allotted morning writing time is almost up. Moving into the third week of May, Womens History Month. I think this is reflecting on work and career week.

How did work and career drive my feminism? Who were the women and men I met along the way?

Stay tuned


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