The End of Women’s History Month. What a Fantastic Exercise! Thank u for being a part of it!

Yay! Its done! I’ve written a memoir! And so I end Women’s History Month. I’ve contributed my history to the body of work! The Persephone entry was supposed to be up on the 31st but I fell asleep before midnight. Still I have managed to write and post a blog entry daily the last week. Even while sick.

Its been challenging and also very enlightening. I’ve learnt a lot about writing, about telling stories and about myself. I have shared a lot about myself, by far a greater challenge.

Its not easy writing a memoir or an autobiography. Its certainly not easy being honest and candid. I rewrote the ‘You run off with a muscle bound biker and call yourself a feminist?’ post so you might want to read it again.

Most important I am developing a daily habit of writing. I have refocused my feminism. Given it some sort of features cause it was all over the place. Writing itself helped me focus. Made my thoughts tangible and audible over all the white noise.

Certainly gives me a better idea the type of stories I want to tell. That need to be told.. Thank you for reading and validating me. The knowledge you were reading and your comments kept me going when I wanted to give up.

In the posts I deliberately tried to display both my narcissism and my unwitting racism. Did I succeed? And I wonder now, did I write in the conflicts? Or did I just give the resolution?

I read some of my poetry from a few years ago. I realized it was actually me resolving all these conflicts. I’m going to go ahead and publish them. One entry I didn’t write was on poetry. I planned to. Now I know why.

I never published my poetry because I wasn’t ready to share that part of myself. But of course I had a more complex BS story for why I didn’t published. I knew intuitively I wasn’t ready to write that post. Clarissa Pinkola Estes would be proud.

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