April: African Womens Decade 2010-2020, Easter & Symbolism in Writing

We’re not going to stop blogging, daily, just because women’s history month is over. Big question what to write about in April?

April is domestic violence awareness month and I think I read STD or sexual health awareness month in the US. I google and the only thing I find from Africa is the UN African Women’s Decade (2010-2020). Didn’t see much on that either. Just a launch here. A statement there. Maybe a good idea to explore this April.

We’re led by the west and the US on so many levels but how much are we doing to catch up? I’d like to see a Women’s History Month promoted in Africa. And a domestic violence awareness month. And a sexual violence awareness month. With all that it entails.

I understand that the economic dynamics are different in Nigeria and Africa. Corruption, bad governance, infrastructure, industrialisation, basic education and basic healthcare are the development priorities and necessarily consume much of our time and resources.

But we must tend to the people, our biggest resource. We must tend to their interior needs as much as we try to tend to their material needs. Why else do you think religion is the fastest growing industry? Our governments should do more to tend to the other needs of our people.

The power and influence of the church seems to be directly related to the distance and lack of compassion from the government. If our government doesn’t care at least the church does. If our neighbours don’t care at least the priest does.

African. Women’s Decade. What does it mean? What is the objective? How does it influence us? What are we supposed to do with it? How is it relevant to African women on the continent and in the diaspora? I think I’ll spend the month of April and find out.

Of course Easter is the other big event of the month. The passion, death and resurrection of Jesus is fundamental to Christianity. Without the crucifixion there would be nothing. My memoir writing last month was my own symbolic Lenten cleansing. I shall find some apt symbolism for the resurrection.

Surely you wouldn’t expect me to write on easter bunnies and easter eggs? Or even about Jesus and the reason for the season? Of course not. Every writer and his dog will do that much.

I didn’t quite know where last months writing would take me. I was surprised at the outcome myself. Let’s see where this takes us! Fun, games and adventures. Let’s go!

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