Charly Boy Says He’ Not Gay and Not Illuminati: I Almost Wish He Were

Recently some papers claimed Charly Boy said in an interview he was gay and head of the Illuminati in Nigeria. I laughed when I read some of the excerpts. Because surely no one actually believed this BS. Right? I didn’t and don’t believe it for even one minute. I know the guy. I preferred to believe it was a publicity stunt. Then he said he never gave an interview and he’s going to sue.

Well. Its some serious shit they wrote. He deserves his day in court He should hold people that lie about him for nothing more than spurious circulation gains accountable. In Nigeria those are some devastating accusations! If he were a politician I would justifiably blame his opponents. This is the sort of shit that can sink a ship!

In Nigeria homosexuality is punishable with a stiffer prison sentence than Ibori got in the UK for robbing his state blind. And the illumunati is the equivalent of the Church of Satan to our superstitious natives. The comments to the reports made me laugh even more. Still that’s some pretty bad shit they laid on him.

I always admired Charly Boy for daring to be himself in this straight-jacket-ultra-conservative-gay-bashing-misogynistic-testosterone-dominated patch of Earth. He’s brave and determined. Egalitarian. Creative. A Family Man. A real family man under the chains, tattoos and body piercings. A better man than many suits I know. To think him and his family are being libelled so cruelly by two bit hack journalists is truly repugnant.

I don’t know if I should rail against bad journalists or a society that is so cruel to deviancy. If Charly Boy was gay would it be alright to declare so in tasteless screaming headlines? People died in Kenya in some such similar incident. If he was Illuminati doesn’t the constitution guarantee him freedom of religion?

We got a sitting governor that was photographed killing a chicken at a shrine wearing only his Y fronts. Hows THAT for deviant and weird. I read some Aladura church leader sleeps in a coffin. Does that make him a vampire? They’re just practising their religion. My fellow citizens just weave elaborate narratives around them to inspire awe and unquestioning obedience.

None of this matters of course Charly Boy has said the entire story is a lie. There was no interview and no confession. He’s going to sue. He carefully described how this libel has injured him and his family. His lawyers are preparing a claim for NGN1 billion worth of damages already. Good for him.

It would have done more for the non-existent gay rights movement in Nigeria if he was gay. Nigeria and Africa need more brave gay activists to start building a movement. As it is we might walk away with the assumption that is it okay for people to be called gay just cause they’re different. Some kid that wants to be an entertainer and role models and dresses up like Charly Boy might get lynched. This is Nigeria after all.

Speculation. Who knows? But I do wonder what the gay rights activists have to say.

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4 thoughts on “Charly Boy Says He’ Not Gay and Not Illuminati: I Almost Wish He Were

  1. Charlie boy or charlie man is a bad influence to nigerian youth’ he is definitely gay. He is so shameless to have cried nd declared love 4 a male contestant in d nigerian ido which he was a judge. I hate him.

  2. This made me cry/laugh “in this straight-jacket-ultra-conservative-gay-bashing-misogynistic-testosterone-dominated patch of Earth”.

    I admire Charly Boy’s courage to stand out indeed in the homogeneity we feel more comfortable with.

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