One more voice of reason in all the madness

Michael Asuquo

When the four boys were murdered in ways that make the barbarians look civil, you were not there. You watched it and afterwards, voiced your anger. You screamed things must change…NOW!

Things have not changed! More have been killed. More are waiting to be killed. What are you doing about it?

I read an article by M I Abaga on ‘HOPE’. The bottom line was: he wondered how long, we as a people would rely on hope for the change we desire! I wonder the same thing too. A dear friend of mine asked me on Oct 1st, this year (just 9 days back) why I bother to ‘worry’ about Nigeria. He advised I should just aim to make my money and live my life because, like he put it, “it doesn’t concern me”.

I thought his views were wrong – please prove me right by making this…

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