Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast!

I can fly! I jump off the edge of the roof outside my bedroom window and land in the pile of hay below!  There in the field beyond is a Unicorn I roll out of the hay jump to my feet and dash across the court yard towards it.  The Unicorn looks up slowly as I run up to it and gets down on one knee to let me climb up his back.  I hold tight to his mane as he shakes his head, paws the ground and takes off. I can fly!

As we flew over the tree tops the birdies flew up with us to say good morning. Together we were quite a formation! The birdies chirped and the bees came out too and joined us and together we flew high over the treetops and the  cows and the sheep and the people that were just waking up and kissing the day good morning. They looked up and saw us and their mouths turned into perfect o’s. I waved and we flew on and away.

You see every morning before breakfast the unicorn, the birdies, the bees and I all flew together to the very edge of the forest where the little old lady lived in her hut made of shortbread walls and a sugar crisp roof. She was a kind little old lady and she made perfect bird seed cakes and planted perfect flowers in her perfect garden. The birds ate the perfect bird seed cakes and the bees ate the perfect flowers and the Unicorn munched on the perfect grass that grew in  her perfect garden.

Meanwhile the little old lady and I ate perfect pancakes covered with sweet purple maple syrup, fluffy pink whipped cream and candy blueberries and drank sweet tea. Of course by the time I got home on Mother would be cross with me because I was so full up that I didn’t have even a little bit of room left for her lovely breakfast of bacon, eggs and hash browns.  Till today I still can’t eat before noon time!

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