I Am So Glad that I am Not in London Right Now



I have just had the most amazing night at a very very English pub in the English country side. There was folk music  that sounded very Irish and there was amazing beer that sounds very English. Local beer. The first I tried was ‘Curious Brew’ by Chapel Down in Kent.


Then I had the ‘Blonde’ by Hepworth  Co in Sussex. You have to try the local brews to know that you have been to the local pubs.  Then I had the ‘Yakima Red’ by Meantime Beer.


Being the evil person that I an I also had to try the whiskey that they had on offer. Single malt no less; once you have had a single there is no going back, it is so  different from those blends that one has become used to drinking in Nigeria. Ewwwww.


Taste the real McCoy. ‘Laphroaig an Islay single malt 10 years old and ‘Glenmoragnie’ a Highland Single Scotch Whiskey. Na wa o, We dey suffer for Naija sha. So three beers and two scotch whiskeys later I bid you a good night.



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2 Responses to “I Am So Glad that I am Not in London Right Now”

  1. mz_agams Says:

    I recommend the Curious Brew, Delightful, refreshing taste of hops, crisp palate. Loved it

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