Lesley’s Day Out in Cold Cold Brighton

Armed with an all day bus pass and a map I went exploring Brighton city yesterday. Essentially the all day pass lets you ride the bus all day to anywhere within the city all for the grand price of GBP4.40 (roughly NGN1000).  A great way to discover the city, acquaint you with the bus routes and generally orient yourself. In Moscow I rode the subway (or underground as the Brits call it) for the same reason.

We drove through tidy little neighborhoods on narrow streets that I was sure the driver couldn’t squeeze a big ass bus through but he did. I discovered  there is going to be a fireworks display on Saturday night and the bus stops directly in front of all the ‘super stores’ as the bigger supermarket outlets are called.

I told the bus driver that I was exploring and he very kindly gave me a map of the city’s bus routes. While my friends here seem to think otherwise I find the natives friendly. I am open about being little more than a tourist in their fascinating city and they respond warmly. Of course friendly in Britain is a nod and the barest hint of a smile, except you’re in a pub of course.  English reticence is so charming.

After a couple hours riding around I stopped at Churchill Square near Brighton City Center and took a walk about. Booming commercialism! Cheesy souvenirs everywhere; tea shops, bars, delis and restaurants offering free jugs of wine if you spend GBP40 or more, 2 for 1 fish and chips, 3 for 2 packaged meals and ‘social hour’ cocktails as an alternative to ‘happy hour’.

Shop windows announced clearance sales on winter goods as chains optimistically displayed spring stock, bikinis and flip flops, despite the 1oC temperature. I probably could have gotten some warm underwear at rock bottom prices (sic) but resisted the urge to spend.  I know my weaknesses. When I decide to shop and spend, I shop and spend.

In the course of my walk about I came upon the International Real Ale Festival 2013 at a pub called Bright Helm. Now those of you that know, know that I love beer and know that I love sampling beer during my travels so what could have been better? Three ales for the price of a festival pint! Lovely! I didn’t have to risk intoxication to taste more than one! In the interest of brevity that  shall the subject of my next post.

From the beer festival I strolled down to the Brighton Pier. Actually I walked briskly, there is no strolling in the cold! More cheesy commercialism! Loved it! This too is another post, with pictures!  In the end I was bitterly cold and stiff despite  wearing 4 layers AND a jacket and I gladly ended the day with hot yoga at Bikram Brighton, despite my  ayurveda healers advice against it, yet another post at my other blog, Healing Body and Mind.

It was a good day!

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