I Bet You Take Mail for Granted Donchya?

I love receiving mail! Every morning when the mail man comes I go out and check if I have mail. Seems like nothing huh? Well I’ve lived in Nigeria past 40 years and mail is as rare and as unreliable as the sunshine in England!

Last time I had regular mail I was in secondary school when I used to get mail like once a month from either my mom in Russia or some dude in a neighboring school writing love letters. Still it was always exciting to hear the prefect call out my name when they were giving out mail.  I get that same tingle of excitement when the mail man arrives and I see an envelope with my name on it.


I think i’ll try an experiment. I’ll send postcards to all my friends in Nigeria and see when they get them,  if they get them even. Our mail service is supposed to have improved but you never know. What they say and what actually happens in Nigeria is never the same thing.


What Do You Think?

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