The Average Women is a Size 16 & the Average Man Will Marry Her

Like most women I’ve been obsessed with weight since I was 5 years old. I was never thin enough not even when I was a size 6. As I have grown older (and wider) I have tried to be more accepting of my body size, reassuring myself that I am indeed still beautiful at a size US14/UK16. Size UK16 is after all the size for average every day women in the US and in the UK (see link below). 

I guess thats why celebrities and the super rich alpha males only date and marry waifs and mannequins because , well, they are not ‘average guys’ and they don’t want average women, do they? Average doesn’t stand out which I guess is why the women that are still size 6 and even size 0 will continue to attract and get all the male attention including your average Joe of a husbands attention even as he reassures you he loves you just the way you are. Anyway.

body image 2

But! Before you go for that second helping of cheese cake, they also saying size 16 is NOT healthy! Don’t over do it. Get regular exercise, eat healthy and according to the experts stay in a US12/UK14 dress size.  So we got one dress size to drop.

I’m loving  all those full bodied curves regardless. They look like wimmin!  I look like a woman! I feel like a woman too!  I’ve often wondered if my earlier desire to look like Twiggy had something to do with my fear of being a woman?  And the  anxiety created by social expectation of a woman.

Meanwhile, I can’t wait to get into that bikini I ordered online that’s arriving today! 


8 thoughts on “The Average Women is a Size 16 & the Average Man Will Marry Her

  1. I never fully understood the reason why woman subject themselves to all sorts of despicable regimes just to stay thin. Considering that my first crush was a slighty chubby girl back in secondary school. Even now that I am fully grown, my “spec” has to be thick with the curves to match, not that I haven’t desired the “lepa shadies” in the past. However, one thing that never fails to draw me is “Mystic” of a woman. I believe woman should work on that thing or the things that make them mysterious. That thing that makes a man want to come close and get personal. I feel a woman’s mystic is her sense of style, her confidence, and the way she talks.

  2. I just believe we should have a bodysize that we r comfortable with & by that i mean we feel healthy at all times. Let’s nt go deceiving ourselves that “we r FAT & loving it…..FAT kills(nt d natural death though) & its unhealthy. For an African lady size 12, 14, 16 is very ok & healthy. Im a US 14 & proud.

  3. This conversation has been going on forever….

    Being an African woman with a petite frame – I have been told that my body is not “African” or “Black” by my fuller framed – voie – overweight counterparts as a way to combat the unfair societal pressures they were forced to deal with. Interestingly enough – I feel their pain.

    In my opinion, this mentality in the USA to say “bigger” “curvy” and “thick” to describe (certain) women (i.e. majority of women in the USA as statistics show) who are overweight makes me sad.

    It is not enough to slap a politically correct stamp on a body shape and call it a day. Other than potential health problems- there is nothing morally wrong with being “fat” and it does not mean that one is not beautiful – I am talking external here. A clear distinction should be made between the two states of being so that the justification or rationalization of an otherwise potentially detrimental and unhealthy state is not glossed over and ignored.

    How can we solve a problem if we deny it is there? Size and body types differ in various ways from the density of bones, to the width of hips, roundness of bosoms, thickness of backsides….but how can we even know what our true body types are if we are carrying an excess that hides them from us?

    All the women in the Love campaign poster above are so ridiculously attractive! But why? Because they are (seemingly) healthy! In the true sense of the word. I am talking BMI, cholesterol and blood pressure – hips to waist ratios – and the list goes on. This is not to say that the slender framed women in the first poster are not (seemingly) healthy and attractive in their own right – again it is all about DIVERSITY and HEALTH.

    A healthy (externally and internally) woman is a beautiful woman no matter her frame or natural body type. I think we should strive to be more health oriented and less image conscious in our daily lives.

  4. When I ate healthy, and got the right amount of exercise and didn’t have a sedentary lifestyle at all I was a size 1… so… Wth. Now I sit on my bum all day, eating when I’m not hungry and I’m a size 6. (Any further and I would be overweight so I wont risk my health for a stupid standard.)

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