I Didn’t Want to Talk About Miley Cyrus But I’m Going to Anyway

I wasn’t going to write about Miley Cyrus, I swear, hell there are too many really interesting things happening but hey when Hulk Hogan spoofed her wearing a thong on his 60 year old ass I just had to!  And why not every one is dishing unsolicited free advice and getting media attention I just have to get on the gravy train.   Besides I ain’t got any brighter ideas right now.

Sinead O’Connor, Amanda Palmers and Bruce Springsteen have all written ‘open letters’, wonder why they didn’t just pick up the phone. Then the editors of the glossiest women’s magazine’s weigh to support of Miley, a ‘back lash against the back lash’ according to the New York Times. Miley is the most talked about artist on the planet right now. I betcha people are more concerned about Miley than the situation in Syria.

When I watched her VMA performance which was after the criticism started rolling in including the accusations of racism I thought ‘what’s the big deal?’. She doesn’t twerk that well, got a skinny ass and looked more ridiculous than sexy or sexual to me.  I’m also still unconvinced about the whole cultural appropriation argument.

Of course her antics started before the VMA’s and every time I came across something about her dressing or lack of it I just chuckled and thought another young girl with too much money having a young persons idea of a good time, then moved on. My opinion didn’t change when I heard and read about ‘Wrecking Ball’ (still haven’t watched it).

I’m really more disturbed about all the people criticizing her than Miley. Don’t get me wrong I would probably be distraught if my daughter or grand daughter behaved like that even though I’d like to think that I wouldn’t have raised a daughter to even want to behave like that but who knows, if she did I wouldn’t holler ‘put on some clothes’ sometimes you just have to let your kids make their mistakes and learn from the experience.

Miley isn’t a child, she is a young adult, I hate people trying to take away her agency. I believe she is making her own choices, she doesn’t strike me like someone being manipulated into doing anything she doesn’t want to do, and tomorrow she will have to live with the consequences of her choices today. I hope it works out for her, I’m glad it worked out for Madonna and Britney and Lindsey and all the others. Including Sinead, Bruce and Amanda and hey even me. Like I hope it works out for Amanda Bynes.

Sure some die or never recover their sanity, that’s just one of those risks, we can’t control people’s lives, not even our own children’s lives.  People gonna live and die. And young people are going to be young people and do crazy high risk shit even if we rather they be ‘nice girls’ like Taylor Swift (whose had a string of boyfriends and she ain’t even 25 yet, not that I’m judging just pointing out the crazy comparison).

What Miley (and Britney and Lindsay and Paris and Gaga and whoever else) is doing with her body ain’t no more dangerous than mining in Rwanda, illegal oil refining  in Nigeria, cocaine refining in Colombia, or taking a walk down the street in India if you’re a woman and she’s got a shit load of money to help her put back the pieces if she implodes.

Yeah I’m a feminist but you know what, I really got no problem with the objectification and sexualization of bodies, male, female or anything in between, unless they are under the legal age of consent.  After that its a person’s right to do whatever they want to do with their bodies, we’re fighting for a free world and every body thinks they’re the fucking morality police.  Keep your morals, like your religion to yourself and stop preaching, it went out of fashion already.


PS – and by the way I think Amanda Palmer’s open letter makes the best case so far. Chao


4 thoughts on “I Didn’t Want to Talk About Miley Cyrus But I’m Going to Anyway

  1. One thing is obvious, Miley is enjoying the publicity she is getting. You’d think she would calm down after the VMAs but she has gone out like a “wreaking ball”. My hope is all this behaviour coming from her is not induced by some kind of substance abuse. It would be a shame if she turns out to be another Lindsey Lohan

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