Have You Heard? Every Woman Has A Right To Virginity!

A proposal in a South Sumatra district of Indonesia to make virginity tests mandatory on all girls entering high school has been rejected by the education minister and members of Indonesia’s civil society. The chief education officer justified the proposal saying ‘every woman has a right to virginity’. Read more about it here.

Did they reject the proposal too quickly? I like the sound  it  – ‘every woman has a right to virginity’. We could do things with that. Think about it, think about the implications of making virginity every woman’s right. Would that be like the right to life? Would it mean that you’re not allowed to take it from a woman or that you are somehow expected to provide the conditions for her to protect and exercise that right?

So women wouldn’t have to get married and have children ever again and no one can make them or if someone did they would be violating their right to virginity? Good bye to consensual sex forever? After all euphanesia and suicide are still murder right?  So if its a human right you can’t marry off your daughter, niece or house girl or ask them to marry. If a woman is raped it won’t only be a crime but a violation of her human right to her virginity and she should be entitled to compensation.

If female virginity is a right  who can we sue for loss of virginity? fathers? husbands? schools? Because if they check a woman’s virginity before she enrolls they must check it before she graduates too and be held responsible for its loss while a student. They can’t be allowed to return damaged goods can they now and if they do they will be held accountable and made to pay.

Thinking of female virginity as a right is both empowering and demoralizing. if you had thought of it as a right before you lost it wouldn’t you have protested on the streets before letting some one take it from you?  I see it now, millions of women across the globe marching in solidarity proclaiming their right to their virginity while men stand by and wonder when if ever they are going to get some sex again.

Why do I find this image more ‘feminist’ than the slut walks and the naked exhibitionism of liberated pop stars? Perhaps because it just strikes me as so much more you know anti-man. My dated internal picture of feminism still thinks of it as a revolutionary street movement against the patriarchy, what we once called ‘women’s lib’ (I am after all a child of the 70’s)

The first case will definitely be interesting, which body will have jurisdiction? National courts? Regional courts? Special tribunals? Of course it will take many years maybe even decades before a treaty can be drafted, signed and domesticated (progress on CEDAW is an example) but it will keep women busy and help them build essential advocacy, administrative and leadership skills in the mean time. Win win.


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