Two Years Later

WordPress just informed me its my two years anniversary with them. Isn’t that awesome? I’ve been blogging for two years. For fickle me that’s a real milestone. I went over my past posts. I been all over the place writing about my work as a women’s lawyer, some of my cases, my matter with Oxfam GB, my opinion about various matters of political interest in Nigeria, my struggles with my health, a few pieces of fiction, even some fashion. Most of my writing has been very ‘woman focused’ if not out right feminist and my more recent posts are increasingly feminist focused. Going over my blog is like a summary of my evolution these past two years.

When I first started writing this blog my primary objective was to just be consistent. Content theme or purpose were a lot less important to me. Its not the first blog I started. I started ‘The Elysium Chronicles‘ in 2009 to post my poetry  and prose but never really got into it.  I enjoyed posting on Yahoo360 while it lasted and kinda regret I didn’t archive all my posts there, they were rather interesting in an off beat irreverent way but it that was more a way to twiddle my virtual thumbs than any real sort of blogging or writing. (If anyone knows how to retrieve yahoo360 archives let me know.)

Reading through my posts now I was just writing some sort of personal journal, picking and choosing what to write about based on nothing more than whim and fancy or the flavor of the moment. Its the vata dosha in me; airy, mobile, dry, cold, brittle, creative, superficial, transient, narcissistic. When things get too serious or too structured I am instantly repelled.  And my nomadic life style since the day I was born has aggravated and reinforced this quality in me. So two years and some 200 posts later I feel quite accomplished.

Thank you for sticking with me. I hope I have provided some entertainment and some useful information. I hope I can make it worth your while to stick around for another two years.


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