The Politics of Fathers Day

Men all over the world are gleefully embracing  Father’s Day, some have even called it Man’s Day. Makes you almost feel sorry for them. Its like they are celebrating a victory. A lot of the dad’s I know are even wishing themselves Happy Father’s Day. It must be tough being a father in this rapidly changing modern (or is it post-modern) world.

Father’s Day is also provoking some feminist back lash. I read some radical feminist group in America went to court to stop Father’s Day. Now why would they do that? Its feminists  like that give feminism a bad name. I want to celebrate father’s and fatherhood, its about time we had more positive messaging around fatherhood and men.

Not all father’s are dead beat dad’s, bums, drunks, cheats, narcissists and wife beaters. There are lots of committed, caring and engaged father’s out there and we need positive reinforcement to make more good dad’s. Of course when you witness the abuse  a lot of women  and children worldwide receive from fathers its easy to want to hate all men. Especially if your personal experience was rough.

But even ‘bad’ fathers deserve some empathy. They’re not always evil (though some are for sure) sometimes they’re just miseducated. The old school dad’s were particularly harsh. Someone told them ‘petting’ the kids was bad. They had a Colonel Von Trapp mentality and submissive wives.

I always tell my male friends that how they treat their daughters is how their daughters will expect to be treated by men. So if you treat her (and her mother) good she is less likely to accept bad treatment from an intimate male partner when she grows up.

So all you dad’s out there enjoy your day, whether you’re a good dad or a dead beat dad your kids love you. I hope they can tell you that comfortably.


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