Its Been A California Minute. How You Been?

Migration by P Fisayo
Migration by P Fisayo

Hi. Happy New Year. I’m back. Its been a California minute, as the yankees would say. How you been? How’s your family? What did you do for the holidays? Who did you spend it with? Did you have a great time? Or was it torture? Or somewhere in the middle? Would you like to share your experience? Tell me your holiday stories.

I just came back in time for Christmas with the family. You know I been on sabbatical for the past two years. Back in 2012 I took a months vacation. Read here. First real vacation in a long time. It felt so good I decided to take a year off and call it a sabbatical. I just wanted a year off, from work, from Nigeria, from responsibilities…a year to disengage.

I know a sabbatical is supposed to be like a working holiday. But I had to call it that because my puritanical work ethic would have balked at anything else. I didn’t do a stitch of work for the entire year. Unless you call writing work. I don’t get paid for it yet so I don’t. Maybe I should.

When I came back to Nigeria in January last year (read here) I thought my mid life crisis had burned itself out and I was ready to rejoin the Bedlam that is Nigeria. I was wrong and I ran away again. I said I was going for the summer but who stays six months for summer and comes back just before Christmas? Yeah, ok, Lesley does. I guess I had unfinished business.

Its been a good two years, an enlightening two years. When I left Nigeria I was still reeling from my experience with Oxfam GB (read here), the death of my father and recovering from a grave disease . I was burned out, deflated and exhausted. I also thought I could challenge my dismissal from Oxfam or at least some sort of compensation for the fall out but the UK Employment Bureau only handles domestic hires, and I found an English lawyer willing to file a a no win no fee criminal assault case a week before the statute of limitations kicked in. There just wasn’t enough time to file a charge she said.

It took a while but I realise that its all been for a greater purpose. I’ve had to review and reconsider what matters to me, what I want and whats important. And its not what I thought. I’ve changed. Again. I finally let go of that fruit I was clutching and found freedom.

This could get exciting! Lets go!


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