In Case You Been Wondering I’m In Umuaka for #NigeriaDecides2015

A lot of people been asking what I’m doing in the village. Maybe you thought about it but were to polite to ask. Its really none of your business but I don’t mind telling you … you know me…I’m an open book. I like to explain to people why my way is the best way…for me anyway.

It all started last year…or was it in 2013 sef. You know by now I spent the last two years knocking around south east England. Yes, imagine. That I had that kind of time and leisure. I am truly blessed beyond words. Don’t hate.

My first year In England I lived in a small village called Westmeston. Population 350. I couldn’t help comparing it to my village. Mind you in Umuaka per capita GDP is $3527 slightly more than the national average of $2800. In Westmeston it’s almost £40,000, well over the UK average of £27,100. The Westmeston population drive Ferrari’s, Bugatti’s and Bentleys. I stayed on a manor estate – Middleton Manor. When I went for walks I had to give way to horses.

A 30 minute walk from Westmeston is Ditchling – population 3000. And home to the nearest pub.

The car park at the Bull the local pub in Ditchling was always full of expensive cars. If you saw a regular Rover its because the owner left his or her Range Rover at home. My daily walks terminated at The Bull. I became a regular. They even knew my name. 

It was during those walks between Westmeston and Ditchling that I began to think of all the things that could be done in my village, Umuaka. I couldn’t help but think how focused Nigerians are on the federal Presidency in Nigeria and completely ignorant of our the local governments and most of our states.

While we chase the cat for stealing the cream, we ignore the mice that are stealing the cheese.

The building blocks of the nation, the 447 local government areas ARE the key to grass roots development. I want to find out up close and personal exactly what is going on right here in my village and my local government. Is there local government accountability? Are they creating economic opportunities? I want to know.

Whether we like it or not elections are not lost or won on Twitter, Facebook or even in Abuja. Elections are lost and won in the local governments and in the wards. Until we all start to pay attention to what happens in the local governments – politically and administratively – we can’t create the change we want.

Can we change the administration of local governments? Who can make Rochas  conduct local government elections? Who will penalise Rochas for withholding more than 80% of the local governments monthly allocation? What can be done about so called transition chairmen in Imo State going to kiss ass each month to get just barely enough to pay salaries including their own?

Let’s not be deceived by sycophancy, rhetoric and vitriol.

Vote wisely beautiful people. And remember, we get another chance in 4 years.

Diseye Tantua a talented Nigerian artist has made the molue the subject of a series of  delightful 'African pop art' paintings.
Diseye Tantua a talented Nigerian artist has made the molue the subject of a series of delightful ‘African pop art’ paintings.

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