Nail Biting Suspense. Jega is a sadist! One more break I will shoot myself #NigeriaDecides

This is torture!

While many Nigerians including many of my friends rejoice at the possible election of Buhari….I shudder…

Still I am just one of 160 million or like Bright Simons so brightly pointed out maybe less than that but still some millions. Bright could it be a ploy to dominate the rest of the region?

More than half the country voted for Buhari but don’t forget almost half of them voted against him. There is still sanity in the land.

To my numerous friends who supported Buhari I would like to say the same thing I tell my Christian friends when they want to wnagilize to me. Keep your religion. Don’t try to convert me with prattle. Perhaps you can convert me with your character and your actions. At the moment I’m not impressed. Stop trying to bully everyone that does not agree with you into your religion.

I am a progressive. And I am a proud Nigerian. I have never had any other passport but a Nigerian passport much to the shock of everyone who knows me. While I may at times toy with the idea I really do not want any other passport. And that’s for me. I’m not judging anyone that has one. I’m just saying I’m alright with being a Nigerian. It ain’t that bad…at all at all. Don’t judge ME

I long for Nigeria to reach its full potential and for all her citizens to have the liberty and freedom to pursue their dreams. Whatever they maybe. But I know that these clowns are from the same circus as the old clowns. And I fear that they will do the country more harm than good in the long run. I was also being a clown. Sometimes I forget but hey….surrounded by clowns….and when we forget that it’s all just a cosmic circus…sometimes we take ourselves too seriously…

The election is over… let’s just be friends

That said I am indeed proud that maybe just maybe we will have a peaceful democratic change of government in this country.

That maybe just maybe elections reflect the will of the majority….even if they are deluded clowns.


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