The Messiah Cometh! Its the Buhari Effect

Its becoming mildly irritating. Every where you turn there is another reference to some great thing that Buhari will do or has done. By just existing. The stock market rebounded, the falling Naira bounced back, oil prices stopped their decline and Obasanjo gave back $20gazillion dollars. Even the Nigeria Army started beating Boko Haram.

Someone called it the Buhari Effect.

And whats with all the Open Letters?  Folks seem to be really optimistic that somehow he will notice their great ideas to change Nigeria and make them a minister.

I’m usually an optimist but governance in Nigeria has only ever fuelled my pessimism. Every ruler is worse than the one before him, steals more than the one before (him and his cabinet and his cronies) and is generally more scandalous than the last. It hasn’t changed. Ever.

Well actually it has – Nigeria’s corruption index fell under Goodluck Jonathan.  But never mind that – the man was incompetent. It must have been a fluke. Perception and reality.

If Nigeria were the case study for democratic governance we would quickly do away with democracy and bury it next to communism, Stalinism and Maoism.  Maybe its not democracy that’s the problem. Maybe its capitalism and elitism. Maybe it is just a lack of empathy and compassion.

I don’t envy the man Buhari right now. The expectation is ridiculous. The smart man says he will focus on three key areas – security, corruption and employment/economy (the last one is actually two areas and if he doesn’t know that we are in BIG trouble). Meanwhile, his campaign team will be conducting a policy forum tomorrow and Thursday to discuss policy in least two dozen other areas. Just another jaw jaw moment.

I’m an entrepreneur. Tony Elumelu nails it in his recent speech at Georgetown. We need entrepreneur led development in Africa and Nigeria. Politicians will be politicians.



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