Restles Me II

If I wasn’t restless – I may have stayed in that backwater village all my life and had 10 babies and been married to one man all my life. Or ended up a director in the state civil service. Or a judge or a magistrate. Or something. Shudder. But I always wanted MORE. BETTER. I always wanted to build things, better things, make better, improve.

I’ve always been the scout. In my never ending search for something more and something new I find the new things, the new territory. And report back to those that will do whatever they will do with it. Sometimes I even participate in that phase but sooner than later I move on to look for the next thing. The new idea. The new way. The new possibilities.

I’m a ENFP on the Meyer Briggs scale. Its pretty accurate – I’m a visionary and I hate routine of any sort what so ever. I work best with a collaborative team that leverages its diversity. I need a strong finance and admin manager and strong program managers.

You have kept me from drifting off into the ether, Restless Me. Because I fly. Love you. I might have drifted right into a straight jacket! I may have lay in that field of clovers – dreaming – for all eternity.  God bless you.

The Energy that moves the Universe is restless too.

Yet I am also rooted, so strongly in that little village by the banks of the Njaba River. There is a silver thread that follows me to the edge of the Universe. And leads me home again. Where the heart is.

I embrace Restless Me and Grounded Me. They are one and the same. Or maybe just two sides of the same coin. Can you think of another cliche?

What Do You Think?

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