Its Time For That Mid Year Review & It Very Important

Its July. Half the year is gone already. It hits you. Its just 6 months to another Christmas! You feel as if you haven’t achieved any of the lofty goals you optimistically set on New Years Eve. Panic brushes the edge of your faith and your resolve but you push it away and affirm a stronger faith and a stronger resolve.

Look it happens to all of us. Everybody feels it and if anyone says they don’t tell them they’re lying or maybe in denial. It doesn’t matter. It happens. Its human. It doesn’t have to be an existential crisis.

A mid year review is as important to individuals, couples, families and other social groups as it is to corporations, profit and non profit. It can tell you where you are, whats working, what’s not and what needs to change to keep you going toward your goal.

What were your goals at the beginning of the year? Are you closer to them?  Did you meet, exceed or fall short? How far have you come on the path to achieve them? Now don’t be too hard on yourself. Christians might call it ‘counting your blessings’, new agers might call it ‘gratitude work’.

Whatever you want to call it mid year is a good time to actually take a pen and paper (if you’re old school like me) or your pad or smart phone and tap out what you’ve achieved against your plans. And make necessary adjustments. Here is a link to some pretty good questions.

Some of you will say you have it all in your head and are confident thats more than enough. A Study reported that people who actually wrote their goals down and reviewed them increased their chances of success by 200.

Of course people with no personal SMART goals don’t do too well. Sure, some get lucky but its a hit and miss thing. If you didn’t write them down at the beginning of the year now is a good time. Here is a link to help you with that. Go over your goals every day and assess them at mid-year.

Goals need plans and here is a link that can help you translate your gaols into an action plan.