Nwachinemere Reflects on 2015

I call myself Nwachinemere because the Universe has been so kind to me. All my life.

As I reflect on the past year I think of the many ways in which it has been kind in 2015.

Its been a year of growth – professionally, personally and spiritually and in one way or the other you have been a part of that. I’d like to thank you. I have deepened my compassion and empathy, my faith in a friendly Universe and my commitment to light, love and a global community.

Some great masters before me said already that we exist for and because of each other. In Africa we have come to call it Ubuntu. Our lives are made richer through each other. Thank you for enriching my life with your presence in it.

It was some other old master (or mistress) that said “Let no one be your friend or foe, let everyone be your teacher.” I have learnt many things from each of you – about life, the universe, human nature, love, work, relationships, politics, happiness, freedom and joy. And its all been good.

Its also been a year of many changes and not just in government or ruling party. There have been personal changes. I’ve let go of old hurts and grievances, old habits and behaviour, old ways of being and old prejudices.

There have been professional changes too – I’ve come to terms with who I am and what I am. And my purpose. And my vision. I’m no longer trying to change the world. Or anybody else. I’m working on changing myself, on being myself, on being The Change.

Of course the environment has undergone radical changes that cannot be ignored – the change in government has brought radical change in the socio-economic and political landscape and requires us to adapt accordingly.

Government in Nigeria is increasingly dominated by patriarchal, patrician and conservatively religious men. Women hold less than 10% of total positions in government – elective and appointive.

This has created a dangerous imbalance that shows up in mass killings, violent crime, kidnapping, insurgency, extra-judicial murder, repressive tactics from state institutions – police, army, traffic police, customs etc etc etc.

There is a branch of feminism known as eco-feminism that likens the oppression and domination of women to the oppression and domination of Mother Earth. It says that to heal the Earth we must first heal the relationship between men and women. How we treat women is how we treat the Earth.

Ayurveda says every individual has a feminine and a masculine nature and a imbalance between the two manifests as disease in the body. Could anything be more apt right now? Isn’t Government and the Earth manifesting dis-ease?

Would gender equity and justice automatically change the world? Well, look at it this way – the sort of paradigm shift required to end women’s oppression would inevitably necessitate the recognition of the rights of ALL Others.

And my personal purpose in all this? To Become More Feminine.

What Do You Think?

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