MzAgams @50: The Essential Listicle of 50 Lessons

Every one  and there dog is doing listicles. Twenty Five Lessons at 25. Fifty Lessons at 50. I don’t want to feel left out so here go my top 50 lessons at 50. (I’m sure there more but I’ll save those for later.)

Fifty Life Lessons From 50 Years of Experience

  1. Family IS the most important thing
  2. Nobody owes you a damn thing – not even god, if she exists
  3. Never give up on love
  4. Be yourself
  5. Know yourself
  6. Just do it – there is no perfect moment
  7. Mind your business
  8. It REALLY is not your business
  9. Don’t cut your hair during the full moon or any other emotionally turbulent moments
  10. Spare no time for green bananas
  11. Beautiful is how you feel
  12. Be resolute about what you want
  13. Everybody has a hard luck story
  14. Don’t be a victim forever
  15. Let it go
  16. Don’t believe a word that fine boy says
  17. Actions speak louder than words
  18. Love is a VERB
  19. Relax, its going  to be alright
  20. Forgive those all those bastards you dated and/or married
  21. Keep the house when you get a divorce, give him the children
  22. Keep the house when you marry or remarry. You do own a house, right?
  23. Always find the silver lining
  24. Be spontaneous at least once
  25. If you must marry, marry the one thats crazy for you
  26. Marriage is a full time job – some pay better than others. Chose carefully
  27. Relationships need maintenance, either high maintenance or low maintenance. Your choice
  28. Marriage is not for life, thats just a myth. Philippines is the only country in the world where divorce is still illegal
  29. Do not sign a pre-nuptial – who signs away their legal rights? Is that even legal?
  30. Believe in something bigger than yourself unless you’re a narcissist in which case there is nothing bigger than yourself, I get it.
  31. Give your demons a bear hug and sit with them in love and compassion
  32. Do not be afraid
  33. Travel regularly – even if its to the next village
  34. Follow your passion – burn baby burn! You are a phoenix!
  35. Have children when you’re young
  36. Go ahead and have children when your older if you want to
  37. Exercise regularly and eat right
  38. Stand tall, stand straight, look people in the eye, shake hands firmly
  39. You ARE gorgeous – whatever your age, size, colour or shape
  40. Stay out of the sun or use a high SPF even if you are ebony skinned
  41. Drink lots and lots of beer while you can
  42. Eat lots and lots of food while you can
  43. Eat lots and lots of fruits and vegetables anyway
  44. Read books often
  45. Fall in love at least once or as often as possible
  46. Surrender to love at least once in your lifetime
  47. Old hearts and old bones take longer to mend
  48. Be amazing
  49. Do epic shit
  50. Love yourself more than anyone in the world – then you can love others



2 thoughts on “MzAgams @50: The Essential Listicle of 50 Lessons

  1. Your list makes more sense than most I’ve seen. Happy birthday dear friend and here’s to 50 more years here cos quite frankly, the brilliance of this terrestrial orb would diminish significantly without you in it. Cheers!!! ❤

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