Quotes from Solomon Dalung, Nigeria’s Minister for Sports & Youth Development


“We must return to the doctrines of the Holy scriptures” Igbarmak Otarok January 2014

“I will continue to fight against injustice, blood letting, criticise bad leadership, oppose inequality, campaign against corruption, preach and promote peaceful existence, resist religious and ethnic manipulations, above all continue to pray for a better society. If this is against your own religion then we may not have common grounds to meet even before God.” Igbarman Otarok January 2014

“The only option opened out of the current security challenges is for government to open up sincere and genuine dialogue with all arms carrying groups because all wars end at conference tables. As mark of commitment, I lean my voice to the demand for amnesty to these groups to pave way for dialogue and national reconciliation.” at World Muslim League International Peace Conference March 2013 Sokoto, Nigeria.

“I am calling on governments at all levels to allocate thirty (30%) percent of annual budgetary allocations to education. Not only that, but education should be placed on first line charge for availability of funds for rapid development. The national curriculum on education must be restructured to accommodate certain positive traditional values so as to make it functional.” at Two days Workshop for Clergy/Pastors organized by Ministry of Religious and Community Relations Bauchi State , June 2013.

“Having listened to this, I was infuriated that all while I have been pretending to be Tarok while in truth I was a colonized Hausa man.This development was the turning point in my world view of the role culture play in the development of true identity. I spent the whole night reflecting but finally resolved to be Tarok and not ugwai or nasara otarok. Also, I decided to champion a crusade for cultural consciousness with practice. To achieve this I needed something unique that people will dread it. Of course this has to go with an intimidating regalia that will subdue protagonist of either Hausa or the so called orchestrated western values. The title of IGBARMAN became obvious as the only weapon that can devastate all anti cultural forces.” THE ORIGIN OF THE TITLE ‘IGBARMAN OTAROK’: His Blog 3 May 2013

“The North has equity in whatever today is referred to as oil in Nigeria. It was from the resources of Northern States that Lagos, Calabar, Port Harcourt and other Southern cites were developed. Even the oil exploration equipment were acquired with resources from tin mining, ground nut, cotton, hide and skin from Northern State.

Therefore, it is fraudulent to demand resource control without discharging the equity on it. Before control, all equities on the resources must be discharged and this should be the beginning of the national debate and not employment of cheap blackmail to rob other segments of their rights. The oil remains birthright until the equity’s discharged.”

THE QUEST FOR PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE IN NORTHERN NIGERIA, THE CHALLENGES OF YOUTHS: at Public Lecture organized by National Council of Muslim Youths Organization, Bauchi Chapter on September, 1st 2012

“The clamour for National Sovereign Conference under Constitutional arrangements is macabre dance will ultimately consume the sponsors. The North is not afraid of National Sovereign Conference but at the same time we cannot abdicate our responsibilities as custodians of the union to the excesses of failed leadership. The unity of the country was defended by people’s blood; therefore it will amount to betrayal of trust if power shift will mean disintegration in some quarters.” DEVELOPMENT IN THE NORTH: RETROGRESSION OR PROGESS? January 2013

“A society where nobody shall be judge by his clan or his social background but by what he can offer for tarok nation. I HAVE THIS DREAM TODAY.”  THURSDAY, 2 FEBRUARY 2012 THE.DAWN OF A NEW TAROK NATION:

According to Dalung, “governance is a social responsibility and a democratic leader is equivalent to a human god, having the responsibility to determine the destiny of fellow human beings. He did not acquire power by conquest, strength or might but either by charisma, bureaucracy or law. There is an instrument that confers that power on him and is expected to exercise it within the parameter of the enabling authority.”

“I want to be remembered as somebody who had apportunity to live and live his live his own way. when I died I want tarok people to moun me by saying now that Igbarman is gone we can have breathing space, aga cit na ijul, because I know that my activities is thunderous but no retreat no surrender, the right thing must be done for human society to be better for all.” ORIGIN OF THE TILE IGBARMAN OTAROK

#Dalung said that social media regulation is a very serious aspect of our law that we need to consider and that there is a need to enforce laws on slander to limit defamation on social media.
He said “Laws regulating social media may bother on slander” whoever feel slandered should be able challenge such in a court of law and get justice.

On corruption, Dalung said only the law can define a ‘corrupt’ person.

Senate Proceedings for Wednesday, 14th October 2015.

#MinisterialScreening: Barrister Solomon Dalung


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