Who Is Solomon Dalung, Minister for Sports & Youth Development?

“My mission in life is to midwife ideas that will ultimately liberate the voiceless majority from the shackles of hunger and abject poverty. “ Solomon Dalung aka Igbarman Otarok meaning the ‘thunder of Tarok nation’.

Self styled “crusader for social justice and equity”

Born on the 26th of September 1964 in the town of Sabon Gida.

Local Education Authority Primary School Sabon Gida town in Langtang South Local Government Area from 1971 to 1977.

Government College Keffi, currently in Nassarawa State. Elsewhere on his blog he claims he was 18 in Form 2, that would be in 1982.

Yet he started work with the Prison Service in 1982 and retired in December 2004 as an Assistant Prisons Inspector.

Enrolled to study Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Jos in 1991. Graduated in 2000. Attended Nigerian Law School, Bwari, in Abuja, 2000.  Called to the Nigerian Bar in 2001.

From 2001 to 2003 he was personal assistant to Solomon Lar when the later was appointed Adviser Emeritus to President Olusegun Obasanjo. Presumably while still with the Prison Service.

Became Lecturer Faculty of Law of the University of Jos in 2004, again presumably while an officer of the Prison Service which he finally left in December 2004.

He got his Masters in 2007. It does not say where from or in what area of law but he became Chairman, Langtang South Local Government in the same year. He was Plateau State Deputy Chairman and later Chairman of the Association of Local Government Chairmen of Nigeria (ALGON).

Member and leader in “Muryar Talaka” – loosely translated “Voice For The Voiceless”

Winner 1st Radio France International (RFI) “Man of the Year Award” 2013.

Reputedly lives a modest lifestyle similar to the current Presidents own. Minister-Dalong

Media commentator and speaker on Tarok culture, northern regeneration, peace and conflict resolution. He contributed to peace building in Plateau. He has a blog at Blogger titled ‘Igbarman Otarok’ active since 2012.

Igbarman Otarak is his traditional title taken in 2005 after a peace conference in Plateau state where he was confronted by the dominance of hausa culture in Plateau state and determined “heavens originated this revolution” of cultural consciousness, a mental repudiation of Huasa/Fulani colonisation, mental and cultural.

“My great ambition in life is to be a Tarok leader and nothing else.” May 3, 2013.

Contested APC gubernatorial primaries in Plateau State in December 2014. He also contested for State House of Assembly and National Assembly, no further details are given.

He is described by a guest on his blog as “a national figure of repute, a polished politician, an acclaimed philanthropist, an accomplished businessman who made people and created wealth for many, a visionary leader, a true son of Plateau, and a rare gem.”

He comes across as a cultural chauvinist, populist, fiery, bombastic, authoritarian, hierarchical, anti-gay, overtly religious and frequently contradictory. Nevertheless there seems to be a consensus that he is an able administrator and enjoys lots of good will among his people.

This is what he has to write about youth – “The saying that the youth are leaders of tomorrow must be guaranteed practically. Concrete policies for realizing this ideologue must be demonstrated to create avenues for re-orientation of the youths in preparation for higher responsibilities. Therefore, there is need to ensure that the National Youth Development Policy is implemented with sincere commitments to regenerate confidence of youths as therapy to restiveness.” January 2013

YNaija Op_Ed called on him to Review the National Youth Policy recently. I hope there are transparent efforts to engage with him and support him through a participatory democratic process.

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