Lip Service to the Rule of Law


Ever since Oscar did Riva chicks be sacred to go piss in the middle of the night. Now the Ibadan chick has done her husband and men be scared to sleep at night.

(Poetic justice? Karma? grin emoticon )

Shouldn’t couldn’t this case be an Oscar and OJ like epic MEDIA EVENT? Or at least a ‘Murderers in Our Midst’ kinda documentary? The chicks father is a judge. But dis na Naija, na Nollywood movie they go take am do add am some juju inside the plot for extra charm and drama.

The 5th Estate in Nigeria is become nothing more than a propaganda instrument. Where else in the world do you pay media from the security vote? And for what exactly?

Or a lynch mob passing emotionally charged judgements. Even Sahara Reporters won’t commit those kinda resources unless nah to expose gov’ment.

Investigative journalism has been suppressed by the elite that control the media and the mob is mesmerised by style with no substance. Critical thinking is discouraged.

Everyone’s scared. Rightly so maybe. This is cut throat business. Free enterprise without no rules. They WILL kill you and NOTHING will happen. There will be no consequences.

We all bayed at the moon like a pack of werewolves as the story broke but who’s going to go every hearing and diligently follow up on Yewande’s prosecution AND publish it?

The only way to end corruption and impunity is by shining a light on the dark places where it flourishes. We have to bring things out into the open to ensure they are done fairly.

Then again in the grand scheme of things, competing priorities and opportunity costs is the Yewande Fatoki murder the most important thing to commit scarce resources to?

Well think about it – dem talk say if you can’t be diligent in small things you cannot be diligent in big things. If we can’t transparently and professionally investigate and prosecute a Yewande how we gonna prosecute a Dasuki?

We won’t. They both going to play out in the media, sentences will be handed down and appealed, what we think of the judicial process and the judiciary will depend on our party allegiance, not justice or fairness.

Institutions have no morality. It is the people in the institutions that are corrupt, not just the providers but also the consumers. We are ALL participants in corruption so long as we engage with these institutions. We are FORCED to participate in the system.

“Go to court” the rich and well heeled mock the not so rich and 8 degrees removed.

I have clients who ask me “So when are we going to ‘see’ the judge?”

I’m sure they will be the ones shouting “Off with his head” the loudest when judge is arrested.

We do not have the capacity to prosecute these cases. We need support and mentoring from those who have done it successfully before us.

The bullshit Mugabe & Co be propagating that “we gone do it our way” is just a whole lot of bullshit if ‘our way’ still hasn’t produced positive results more than 50 years after Independence.

And while I’m up here and thinking about our E-Lite rulers – could the government of Buhari please stop releasing vague statements through obscure online media about monies being returned and do a proper accounting for us the citizens of this country and owners of that money?

Tell us how much? Tell us who? What account was it paid into? How is it captured? And how will it be appropriated? Please.