Going Nowhere At The Speed Of Light

“Have You Eaten? Have you had lunch?”

“No, I haven’t even had breakfast.”

“Why is that? What’s wrong?”

“I have no appetite.”

“Why now?”

“Existential angst. I feel nihilistic.”

“Wetin happen?”

“Brussels. Ankara. Paris. NYC. London. Abuja. Maiduguri. Gombe. Agatu. Zaria. Grand Bassam. Donald Trump!”

“Brussels? What happened in Brussels?”

“You mean you haven’t heard?”


“Three explosions. 34 deaths. 140 injured. Blood and suffering every where. Where you been?”

“Ah. Don’t let these things stress you out o. Go and eat now. In short I am calling you back in ten minutes to ensure you have eaten.”

“Eat? I how can I eat? How can you think of food? And who made you my mother anyway?”

“All you oyibo children sef.”

“Wetin dat one mean?”

“Only overfed children that grew up in plenty talk like that. In Africa you concern yourself with a loved ones stomach before a strangers death.”

“Is that what you tell yourself when you sell your brethren into suffering?”

“Perhaps. I’ll call you back. Go start fixing something now.”

“I….hello? Hello?!”

One hour later…..

“What did you eat?”

“I ate the flesh of my brethren and drank the blood of innocents.”

“Hian. Are you alright? Do you need a shrink?”

“No. I don’t but I think you do. How can you be calm? This planet you call a rock is nothing more than a dust mite in the vastness of a Universe hurtling through space going nowhere at the speed of light. All we people have is each other and people go around blowing other people up and struggling for dominion. Its all meaningless vanity. How can you even have an appetite?”

“What did you eat?”

“Be serious…”

“What did you eat?”

“Bread and wine!”

“There. Don’t you feel better? You certainly have more energy. The battle between good and evil has no end. Its a daily battle and there are no rewards. Not even in heaven. There are only small victories. Small daily victories. And you’re going to need to keep your strength up Angel. You cannot take off your wings, you cannot drop your torch, you cannot tire. You have chosen the Road Less Travelled. You have chosen to be a Warrior of the Light. You can’t go back now. You cannot stop.”


“There there. Let it all out.”

“It all just seems so pointlessless. Life is meaningless. We might as well not exist.”

“Are you feeling suicidal?”

“No. I’m more inclined to homicide right now. Sometimes I feel so angry. Can’t they see? Are they blind? Are they deaf? Are they stupid?”

“That’s why they need you. That’s why we need you Angel. Because the World can be a harsh cold place and your Light and Love make it just a little bit more bearable. And I hope my love makes it a bit more bearable for you.”




One thought on “Going Nowhere At The Speed Of Light

  1. Update: Lahore bomb blast ! And sorry No Bread and Wine if Roman Cathilic Priests embark on ifanye aka n’ukwu (strike)because of their colleague abducted by Fulani herdamen! Nice piece. I wonder where you are. The world is a global village but disparities in standard operating protocols. If you feel homicidal and anorexic you may have to be held in detention in a psychiatric facility…..if you are not then you make make global news like the clown who shot at a mosque in the USA.

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