Remembering My Beloved Father – Five Years Gone

Five years ago today I got that call.

Not for one minute did I ever think that you would die and leave me. It was always you and me – against the world. We didn’t always agree but we were certain in the knowledge that we had each others back. No matter what. I sailed through life assured in the knowledge that you would scatter Heaven and Earth for me.

My grief at losing you was compounded by the utter loneliness I felt. I sat on the rock of my All-Oneness and wept bitter tears when the Dogs came baying for me. The Guard of my Fortress had abandoned me, the gates were Unmanned and they were overjoyed.

I wept at all the dreams we had yet to fulfil. For we planned to conquer the Universe no less. When I was a child I griped at the heavy burden you placed on me, who wanted only to dance in the Meadow of Joy and dine in the Hall of Love but you knew that I could carry it. You did not waiver.

“I raised her to be a revolutionary.” you told the Sceptics and the Living Dead.

My Beloved Papa. My Warrior. My Champion. My Eternal Love.

Mother Of Mothers you called me. Light Of Your Soul. The Solace of Your Odyssey. Mother of the Multitude. You called me Your Rebellion when The Enemies of Joy called me your rebel. You Empowered me when the Enemy sought to clip my wings.

Alas i weep no more. You are with the Ancestors now. The Beloved Brethren of the Forest Shrines have welcomed you and you have surrendered to them. And I can call your name when I offer libations to the Dearly Departed in the manner that you yourself taught me.

I will soar with your name on my lips and Our Song in my Heart.

Ginikanwa – what is greater than a child? Nneka – Mother is Supreme.

Nwa Agwubuo Duru Abali. Oke Madu. Nwoke E ji Eje Mba. The Keeper of the Family Legends and Myths. The Fierce One. The Story Teller. The Great Charmer. The One That Never Forgot. The Proud One. The Invincible One. The Fearless One. The Child of Destiny.

The Man of the People. I called your beloved people to give you a befitting send off. See Father, the Salt of the Earth were there to send you forth on that Journey. The People You Lived and Died For. As you would have wanted.

“For this purpose were you born. For this purpose I returned. For the People”

Your people miss you Father. And I miss you more. For there is no one in the Universe that knew you better than I. And you Created me in your image and likeness. No One knew Me better than YOU.

Rest in Peace Papa. Till Soon and the Sands of Time run out for me also.


“Farewell to you and the youth I have spent with you.

It was but yesterday we met in a dream.

You have sung to me in my aloneness,
and I of your longings have built a tower in the sky.

But now our sleep has fled and our dream is over,
and it is no longer dawn.

The noontide is upon us and our half-waking has turned to fuller day,
and we must part.

If in the twilight of memory we should meet once more,
we shall speak again together and
you shall sing to me a deeper song.

And if our hands should meet in another dream
we shall build another tower in the sky.” – Khalil Gibran

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