The Trailer for Wonder Woman is Out! And It’s Awesome!


A stunning beach opening. And blue and orange filter.

“You’re a man” it opens. And raises the expectation that this movie will give us a fresh perspective on masculinity through the eyes of a character that has never seen a man before.

“Have you never met a man before. What about your father?”

“I had no father I was brought to life by Zeus.”

A very long pause. You have to wonder how she constructs ‘man’ in the absence.

“Oh that’s neat.”

An ancient court somewhere high in the mountains. A queen.

“You have been my greatest love.” She says to Diana, the Wonder Woman.

Are they lesbian lovers? Does Wonder Woman leave the love of a woman for he love of a man? Are they going to play that old trope?


And then that awesome scene of woman riding horses into battle and employing the sort of aerial gymnastics that Jackie Chang is better known for. At last? A movie that dares to break the stereotypes?

‘I cannot do this” he says to her

“What I do is not up to you” she replies with confidence as the next scene opens with her going into battle. The phrase locks in my head. My kind of woman?

I love that her costume doesn’t look to bright, and her shield looks battle worn, and her hair is loosely curled. I always wondered about Wonder Woman’s lacquered hair. Too cliche.

The cinematographer gives some awesome shoots and the editor works the fight scene of Wonder Woman with some Matrixy slow mo that is effective. It definitely updates the movie, as do the high tech weapons Wonder Woman now has. I love the laser Saber whip.

Kickass goddess!

“What is a secretary?”

“I go where he tells me to go and I do what he tells me to do.”

“Where I come from that’s called slavery.”




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