You Are What You Eat II

My dominant dosha type, vata, needs warm, soupy, well cooked soothing foods. And my pita constitution needs cooling so me and my ayurveda therapist worked out a food plan that meets those needs.

Now I eat a lot of basmati rice. And mung beans. (I just made a pot of hing moong dhal.) And yam (boiled, fried in coconut oil or pounded.) And Afang. And Nsala. And Utong. And Oha. And Efo. Very tender lettuce smothered in virgin olive oil. Soft cooked vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, squash, okro.) Soft fruits (papaya, soursop, watermelon) Golden Milk (made with turmeric paste and coconut milk, yummmy and promotes sleep to. Read all the benefits here.) And a lot of mackerel and goat meat and lamb and ram. Vata is delicate and doesn’t need anything too hard and dense to digest. So no more akpu. Less cashew and ground nuts. No cabbage. Less ugu and bitter leaf.

I don’t eat much chicken. Or beef (only at the full moon and only marbled meat.) I don’t trust the chicken – local or foreign. Too many antibiotics and hormones involved in rearing them nowadays. Can’t wait till I can rear my own chicken, corn fed and free range. And I eat tozo, the marbled beef or top steak because its tastes so good and if I’m going to die anyway I might as well enjoy life first.

Same reason I only eat good old fashioned butter. By the way have you heard that margarine was developed to fatten turkeys sometimes in the 1930s or something but it killed all the turkeys and the company not wanting to lose the money they spent on R&D figured they’d sell it to humans as a superior bread spread.  I don’t know if its true. I read it on the internet long time ago. Internet don tey.

In ayurveda butter and ghee which is clarified butter are super foods. All milk products are. The Hindu’s worship the cow because they believe it provides complete sustenance to human beings. Nice story they tell about it. Read it here. And there is lots of research that suggests animal fats aren’t the evil, its the sedentary life style. Ghee is pretty expensive and only a few shops stock it but you can make your own when you need to.The only vegetable oils I use anymore are coconut , extra virgin olive and palm oil. Hydrogenated oil is like margarine. Hazardous.

Animal fats are essential for human physiology or something and I do believe I read some where once up on a time that the growth in the size of the brain that marked human evolution from homo Erectus and other early hominid ancestors coincided with an increase in animal protein in their diet. Who knows but it sounds good enough for me. And I notice that when I am really pushing myself mentally like when I am working against a deadline and my routine is in shambles I crave meat.