You Are What You Eat III

Breakfast is usually coffee and a cigarette. I know I know. I’m full of contradictions like that. An otherwise sensible healthy lifestyle and then coffee and cigarette for breakfast? Deal with it.  I even wrote a poem about it to capture the feelings of goodwill and joy my breakfast brings me. It sucks when your a poet and writer, because everything is an epic.

I keep a tin of Nescafe in the cupboard as a tribute to days gone by when it was all I knew otherwise its got to be freshly brewed. There’s nothing like freshly brewed coffee but avoid those American blends (like Folgers and Maxwell House). They’re rubbish. Lavazzo is good. Brazilian coffee IS the best in the world. Trust me. And learn how to prepare a Lebanese coffee from Najjar. You’ll thank me. Since my first cup of freshly brewed Lebanese coffee I have been obsessed about coffee and sample coffee from all over the world. (I also sample beers all over the world on my travels.)

While the most popular beverage in Nigeria is probably still Lipton Tea, coffee consumption is on the rise and more variety and competition is arriving on the market. We no longer have to drink Nescafe crystals in the name of coffee. Take a look at how instant coffee is made is made.

Because I’m mostly sedentary, after ‘breakfast’ I only snack on fruits before noon if I feel hungry (usually I don’t), when I mindfully prepare a generous brunch. Then I have a light easily digestible dinner around 6pm. I never eat after 7pm. Dinner used to be my primary meal of the day. It was my reward for a hard days work, and I because I was rarely at home at dinner time I often ate out. That’s all changed now that I follow the Ayurveda energy clock. I also work from home now and have found great joy and well being in cooking for myself. Its a ritual of self love.

I do this every day except at the Full Moon.  Or when I am travelling. Or appearing in court. When I’m travelling or in court I eat a nice filling breakfast, one that pacifies my dosha. I’m a vata and get easily distressed by travel and noisy crowded places so eating a nice soothing meal beforehand makes me less cranky and less anxious. It helps me relax and feel grounded. You can read more about feeding the vata here.

What’s this about the full moon you may be wondering. Well the full moon is the one time a month that I allow myself to eat foods that I enjoy but that are not recommended for my constitution and need to eat less of. Like bread, pasta, a full English breakfast, a double cheese burger with bacon and a fried egg, cheese cake, black forest, red velvet, pizza! Lasagne, a steak. Apple pie a la mode. Egusi soup. Ice cream! You catch my drift. I plan it very carefully. And I choose the accompanying wine (or beer) even more carefully. It is something to look forward to I tell you.

All that said I’m so glad I ate anything and every thing and at any time and had eating disorders during my misspent youth when my digestion was strong and could handle it (although it did fuck me up eventually.) Of course I heard some people age without these problems, good for them. I’m not one of them. If I eat two square meals a day I add weight. One square meal sef. Blame it on the Menopause. I tend to blame all the changes on the menopause nowadays. Must tell you that story.

Its either eat less or spend an hour or two in the gym sweating and huffing and puffing and I do not like sweating and huffing and puffing. Its a vata thing.

I look and feel better than I have in more than a decade. So I must be doing something right.

Photo on 13-05-2017 at 16.50


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