The Oxfam Saga Continues

“The experience of those who reported abuse, including a former Oxfam country director who said she survived a rape attempt at headquarters in Oxford, did not encourage others. Lesley Agams, who had been highly rated at Oxfam, said she was handed a dismissal letter by the man who attacked her.

The UN whistleblowers in Haiti also suffered; although they were not forced out, they received anonymous threats while the investigation was going on, and their careers did not flourish after it finished.

“They had taken a very difficult step, because it is essentially saying goodbye to your career,” the former UN staffer said. “If you blow the whistle when you are out in the field, you may never be hired again – it makes you very vulnerable.”

The Guardian

Behind the sex parties and scandals in Haiti lies a culture of secrecy and lack of diversity


The Gospel According To Lesley: Home vs. Nest

‘Home’ can seem so relative and so meaningless. A hotel is ‘home’ if that’s where you eat, sleep and wake up with familiar people that may or may not be ‘family.’ And by that definition so is pretty much anywhere else you carry out those functions. You may have had many ‘homes’ in your life time. Your parent’s. Your grandparent’s. Your in-law’s. Foster care. Your first flat. Your last flat.

A ‘nest’ on the other hand at once suggests something personal, unique and cosy.  If someone tells you they’re ‘nesting’ you have no doubt what so ever what they mean. A clear image immediately springs to mind. Besides, no one says ‘homing’ or ‘home making’ (unless you’re a housewife, do housewife’s say that anymore even?) and ‘home maker’ is NOT what you mean. Neither is ‘decorating.’ You’re not decorating. You’re kinda settling in with your stuff around you. Without the burden of permanency.

Do you remember a rather melodramatic post from 3 years ago about fear of commitment? You can read it  again here. So much melodrama over a 3 month commitment to a flat share but here you are 3 years later – nesting.

Then you realise that the nest is kinda small and that you get quite a few people staying over despite your cranky attempts to push everyone away. So you figure maybe its time to get a bigger nest because family and friends really matter to you.