Available For Sale in Abuja FCT

Available for sale at Diplomatic Zone, Katamkpe, Abuja FCT

Within a serviced gated estate of 8 detached units. ONLY TWO UNITS LEFT

Large downstairs living room. fully equipped kitchen, 3 en-suite bedrooms, Penthouse Suite comprising bedroom, and roof terrace Communal swimming pool

Parking for up to four vehicles Contact me for more details and inspection 0909 426 0058


The 45th Inauguration

The weather forecast over Washington DC for January 20th, 2017 was ‘cloudy.’ A lot of Americans felt the same. Cloudy. A steel grey backdrop for the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States. The country was deeply divided. For some Donald was a beacon hope, for others he was the harbinger of doom. Planned protests turned violent early.


The Donald waddled out on to the portico of the Capitol actually looking like a caricature of the super-villian ‘Penguin’ of the 1960s Batman classics “Hizzoner the Penguin” and “Dizzoner the Penguin.” Ryan Donovan Purcell over at allergic.com argues quite persuasively and eloquently that the series “created the space in the American political imaginary for a President Trump.” It is an interesting read especially if you are interested in the impact of pop culture on attitudes and society.


The glitzy Trump Broads stood out like rare tropical birds in the wind and rain. I call them ‘broads’ because that’s what they remind me of, the hard expensive high maintenance broads that James Hadley Chase wrote about. All attention was on Melania in powered blue. Ivanka always seems to eclipse her. Except on this grey morning.

Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Sometimes I think Ivanka acts more like the First Lady than Melania. Later she stole the show again at the Inaugural Ball. Maybe The Donald wishes she was his First Lady. In Igbo-Nigeria there is often  a similar tension and rivalry between the wives and the daughters of Rich Men.

Melania is probably the oldest woman The Donald has ever had. He likes ’em young and shiny, a stereotypical billionaire.  I read she makes a whole lot of effort to look like a young and beautiful prop for her husband.

The body language during their First Dance looked cool. And he didn’t even wait for her when they got down from the car to met the Obama’s at the White House earlier. Maybe he’s just too tired to get a divorce and marry a younger model again. Or dance with his wife. She looked like she enjoyed that young officer swinging her around at the Ball.


“How A Small Town Small Time Eastern European Model Married A Billionaire And Became First Lady of The  United States.”

Sounds like a good story. No less remarkable than Barack’s story surely. Some people would read it. If only she would tell us the truth.

Then of course there was That Speech. As the mostly male Global Elite left Davos news filtered out The Donald wanted a military parade at the inauguration but was refused by the brass. We all know that saying he wanted one is just as good as having one and suddenly the fiery fist pumping rhetoric of his First Speech makes total sense.

The Donald knows it anyway. He’s a reality TVprenuer, remember? He was a show man even before reality TV. Remember all those cameos he used to do? He probably though reality TV was created just for him.

Protests continued and fires burned in the street as the elite of Washington sipped champagne and danced the night away in their pretty gowns and tuxedo’s.

It was a Gotham perfect production. Right down to the sound track.

“And now the end is near” Frank Sinatra sang as The Donald and Melania came out for the First Dance.

I swear, The Trump Family are like the American Dream turned into a Nightmare.

'Dancing On Rivers of Blood' Oil of Canvas by PfIsayo (Sold)
“Ballroom” Oil on Canvas by Patrick Adekunle Adefisayo 2013

Its Time For That Mid Year Review & It Very Important

Its July. Half the year is gone already. It hits you. Its just 6 months to another Christmas! You feel as if you haven’t achieved any of the lofty goals you optimistically set on New Years Eve. Panic brushes the edge of your faith and your resolve but you push it away and affirm a stronger faith and a stronger resolve.

Look it happens to all of us. Everybody feels it and if anyone says they don’t tell them they’re lying or maybe in denial. It doesn’t matter. It happens. Its human. It doesn’t have to be an existential crisis.

A mid year review is as important to individuals, couples, families and other social groups as it is to corporations, profit and non profit. It can tell you where you are, whats working, what’s not and what needs to change to keep you going toward your goal.

What were your goals at the beginning of the year? Are you closer to them?  Did you meet, exceed or fall short? How far have you come on the path to achieve them? Now don’t be too hard on yourself. Christians might call it ‘counting your blessings’, new agers might call it ‘gratitude work’.

Whatever you want to call it mid year is a good time to actually take a pen and paper (if you’re old school like me) or your pad or smart phone and tap out what you’ve achieved against your plans. And make necessary adjustments. Here is a link to some pretty good questions.

Some of you will say you have it all in your head and are confident thats more than enough. A Study reported that people who actually wrote their goals down and reviewed them increased their chances of success by 200.

Of course people with no personal SMART goals don’t do too well. Sure, some get lucky but its a hit and miss thing. If you didn’t write them down at the beginning of the year now is a good time. Here is a link to help you with that. Go over your goals every day and assess them at mid-year.

Goals need plans and here is a link that can help you translate your gaols into an action plan.


The Fall of Bagdad!

I don’t need a movie! Its even got its own soundtrack on CNN.

The Arab Spring has been very frosty.

As I watch the news I can’t help wonder if this will be Nigeria soon. The parallels are striking.

I wonder if its good or bad. What does it say about a ‘nation’ when it must use force to hold itself together?

There will be death, pain and wailing in the land. As mothers cry. As wives cry. As children cry.

Are you ready for the tsunami? Are you afraid? Or ‘alarmed?

Are you perspiring? or sweating?

What will be will be. Brace yourself. Here it comes.

I feel the reverberations  under my feet

Is your house built on a rock or on sand? Where will you find yourself tomorrow when the sun comes up?

Buckle up, buckle up … the time has come for which you were born.

Bear witness





Thinking About My Father on Father’s Day

I been thinking about my father. Not surprising. The capitalist machine has been churning the cream. All its been selling the past two weeks or so is Father’s Day.  Its made me think about my father. We never did Fathers Day. Or birthdays. Or Christmas Day, me and him. Not after we returned to the village. He was a socialist, a free thinker and he was into conspiracy theories.

“It is all American imperialist  propaganda. Don’t you know that December 25th used to be a Roman pagan ceremony?” he told me.

“Its just a festival Dad, a time for people to be happy.”

“If you want a festival to be happy at, come home for Owuh. It is our own.”

I never did.  Not after I left the village for Lagos.

We had a difficult relationship. Me and my father. He was always trying to make me submit and I was always resisting. I had a mind of my own. There was no ‘mother’ to mediate. He was smart but I always considered myself smarter. Even when I was four. He thought so too. Why else would he call me an accomplice in my own kidnapping from Russia when I was three and a half?

I been thinking about him a lot  lately even before Father’s Day advertising began. He passed away 3 years ago. I think I maybe finally letting go so much of the bitterness and disappointment that characterised our relationship.

He was a harsh man, a pure narcissist. It was  always his way or the high way. I spent many a night on that highway. I was a defiant child. He tried but he couldn’t beat it out of me. He brought me to the village to add value at the community level, he believed in community development. He also believed in violent revolution. He was a fighter, a warrior, with hot blood and a hot temper.

He was also charming and urbane, with a gift for the gab. He either charmed or bullied everybody he met into submission. Or he ignored them if he couldn’t. The ladies loved him. Even when he beat and abused them. Then I hated him for them and for me. I don’t know maybe he was a generous lover. I escaped as soon as I could. I could love him better at a distance.

Years of living in the village disabled him physically, emotionally, mentally and cognitively. He died from complications of diabetes on 6 April 201,1 a paranoid, bitter, nasty old man. His death took me by surprise. I used to joke he was too mean to die.

I loved my father very much. I miss him  when I have a question about the family history and genealogy. He could recite the names of his ancestors back ten generations. I miss him when I see his hand in the process of my evolution but can’t say “Thanks Dad, I get it now”.  I miss him because he was the first man I loved.


That Doesn’t Make Me A Bad Person

It’s over, 2013 is already being compressed for archiving. There was a new moon on the first day of the year for good joss. Meanwhile Venus is in retrograde so I am feeling nostalgic and reflective but I’ve been reading other people’s nostalgic reflections and resolutions instead. I’m not in a hurry to face mine. I’ve never kept a New Year resolution in my life. Besides MY New Year starts on my birthday a few days after January 1. I love to  indulge an extra day or two of festive hedonism. That doesn’t make me a bad person you know.

Even as I enjoy another glass of Pinot Grigio blush, for breakfast, I reflect seriously upon the intricate web that is my life within this web of life. An ancient web running backwards and forwards. Holding you in place even as you jump around in a delusion of freedom.  What patterns I am weaving  into this framework? Colourful? Interesting? What is the quality of my portion of this web? What has my web caught this year? What do I want to catch in my web? Does that sound spooky yet? And Machiavellian? Such is life. That still doesn’t make me a bad person.

I reflect on my weaving these 12 months past. Brutal honesty is required here. Courage is required here. Because we learn by confronting our fears, our insecurities and our failures and it’s really hard to face that shadow. However, successful entrepreneurs teach us to look for the lesson in every situation. So what are the top 3 lessons I’ve learnt this year? I will limit myself to the top 3 because this post and every post till further notice will be 500 words or less. There are many lessons of course, daily, weekly, monthly. I’m still waiting to grow up.

Why 500 words? I don’t read anything that is longer than 500 words anymore. If it’s more than 500 words and I have to read it I stop reading after 500 words give or take a dozen. I’ve started reading 20 books this year. I have half-finished books lying all over the house. I read them 500 words at a time. And like all bad managers I think everyone is like me so that’s how I settled on 500 words. Five hundred words are generous anyway. Some folks  that know about these things predict the future of reading is Twitter and all you get over  there is 140 characters. And I’m down 444 words already.

My horoscope says the planets are aligning auspiciously and I’m going to have a stellar year professionally and romantically. It says my love life will finally find harmony,well I hope so or it is war baby. I guess that means I should keep on dancing, drinking, writing, learning and loving you and me no matter how hard it gets. And none of  that makes me a bad person.

I go to reflect on my top three fuck ups and lessons of 2013 and what that means for 2014. Do you have any? Would you like to share? No? Good.

Working It, Working Out, Working

When I’m involved in a project it seems counter intuitive to take time out to work out but the feeling, the rush, the inspiration even is amazing. Just spent an hour at the gym in the park. No membership fees and an an hour walk to and fro. Damn do I need it with all  the good food constantly tempting me to have second helpings.

So play time is over, a quick shower and then back to work, got to knock out those 2000 words before bedtime. I’m still on UK/Naija time hope I can get to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight. need to be up bright and early tomorrow, last day of sunshine this week and I want to make another visit to my mamushka. The forecast for next week is rain rain and more rain. Can’t be hanging out in cemeteries in the rain.

What was your day like folks?