Did You Really Just Say That?

So you think its okay to make fun of Dame Patience Jonathan? I think its appalling. Its wrong. Why you making fun of her accent? Disdaining her education, calling her a market woman? What makes it even more appalling is that this is coming from so called returnees and diaspora’s, the same ones writing angst filled books about their victimized lives as immigrants  where they tell us how white people made fun of their accents, laughed at their lack of ‘manners’ and teased them about living in trees in Africa. What do we call you when you can’t even relate your present behavior to the behavior you complained about in the west?

All you folks making fun of Patience are snobs just like Wole Soyinka. You all really think because you speak better English and can copy the slave masters accents that you are better than every other Nigerian? You’re the ones with the ‘funny’ accents. We used to laugh our hearts out in the dorms after every encounter with those Nigerians forcing American and British accents. Now they dare to make fun of the first real representative woman of Nigeria to ever be First Lady. Yes, that is what Patience is, she is a grassroots woman and that is what is paining all the acada and been-to Tokunbo’s making fun of her.

‘How can this common woman come and be disgracing us”

What nonsense, Patience is the real Nigerian woman, market women leader and local woman that she is. Tinubu  even went so far as to make his daughter who has probably never sold a handkerchief in her life the Iyaloge of Lagos, is that one not market women leader? Why is it used to insult Patience? Get off your high horse and stop stop stop making fun of the woman. Must she speak in a foreign or your so called ‘cultured’ accents to be First Lady? Must the President?  Its not about how you look on the international stage. Its about what you do. This is not a monarchy or even a feudal aristocracy. This is a secular egalitarian society or that’s what we are trying to build here. And you call yourself ‘progressives’? Shame on you all that have been a party to this nonsense!

If Patience doesn’t get the job done – and she has no ‘job’ anyway so why don’t you all leave her alone – attack her for that but to make fun of an African woman for her accent? Or even her beliefs and values? You really think your borrowed western values are superior?

I’m watching you all! I see the ones making fun of this woman right now, don’t you dare come ask me for my vote or support EVER! Unless you stop, desist, apologize and show some remorse and respect for the millions of Nigerian woman who have never and may never have the opportunity to go abroad and get an education or just live there but who have been here all their lives struggling and holding this country together while you were out there learning to speak funny.